50 Expert Tips to Boost Your Blogging to Best

by PR Coach

PR writing and blogging tips

50 tips to get you blogging with fire

We’ve brought together 50 of the best blogging tips to help raise your blog writing to the highest level.

They’ve been chosen to help you find great ideas, write more passionately and build readership because you connect better.

Here are my Top Nine Tips to start this blogging brouhaha:

  • Write what you know – whether it’s a hobby, business or your professional expertise
  • Find your own voice – a unique voice is critical; it gives you personality and separates you from the herd
  • Share your passion – tell stories; share strong opinions; be enthusiastic; leave the bland with your breakfast cereal
  • Grab ‘em with your title — titles must get attention or readers are gone in 3-5 seconds
  • Sit. Write – sit down at your computer; start writing; see how easy that was?
  • Write for fast readers – blog readers prefer to get information quickly; use bullets to help present content for easy reading
  • Add texture and interest with rich visuals – choose from many charts, free photo resources such as Flickr
  • Toss the marketing – ugh; I can read ads and your brochureware elsewhere
  • Focus on feedback — don’t forget to ask for comments; encourage interaction; respond quickly.

Now let’s unleash our blogging experts to tell you how to be a better business blogger; write better; find ideas and inspiration; promote your blog; and learn a few technical tips to tune up your blog.

Better Business Blogging Tips

Business or corporate blogs have some unique qualities.  Arik Hanson looks at 4 Corporate Blogs That Set the Bar High. Jay Bauer offers six smart tips for corporate bloggers while David Hobart answers the question Do You Know the Five Cornerstones of an Outstanding Business Blog?

While only 34% of companies are using blogs for marketing purposes in 2010, Frank Reed says watch for this trend to slowly increase to 43% by 2012. David Meerman Scott tips us off to real-time blogging as a strategy for B2B companies to get more trade media coverage. Should Every Business Blog? asks Mike Sansone. Not without caring.

Patrick Kerley shares Six Best Practices for Corporate Blogging and Joe Pulizzi suggests you use the 80/20 rule in your business blogging. Use the 80 % of content that’s about customers and throw away the 20% that is marketing or sales-related content. Yet with all the obvious advantages to business blogging, Mark Evans says it’s hard to understand The Fortune 500’s Tepid Embrace of Blogging.

Content Rules – Finding Ideas & inspiration

There’s only one way to become an A-List blogger. Your content must be superb! Denise Wakeman has three tips for great content creation while Annabel Candy shares 5 Secrets of Brilliant Blog Writing. You’ll learn how to write unforgettable posts from ProBlogger and Carol Tice lists 50 terrific techniques for can’t-fail topics.

Blogged down? The PR Coach shares 80 more tips to get you up and blogging fast. You know headlines are critical? Tim Ferriss shows the art of how to get your blog posts re-tweeted by writing great headlines. You’ll never run out of blog post ideas again if you read Jonathan Bailey’s five tips and Georgina Laidlaw’s Four Professional Editing Techniques will boost your post value.

If you’re needing motivation, read How to Show Up and Write by Taylor Lindstrom or Liz Strauss’s Ten Minute Rambles: A Tool to Jump-starting Your Blog. Jay Bauer’s Outlines Help You Write Better, Faster is essential reading for time-strapped bloggers and Denise Wakeman reminds us Yes, You Do Have Time to Blog! Still need help? Try writing like a crime reporter suggests Jesse Stanchuk.

Technical Tips for Bloggers

Great writing is just part of the secret to blogging success. With a little extra polish and some simple technical tricks, you can make your blog outstanding. Here’s how!

Start with7 Places to Find Free, Legal Images for the Web. Think about adding comics, movie clips or setting your blog up like a successful newspaper.

How to Promote Your Blog

Got your blog post written, edited, technically tuned up and ready for publication? Do it! Now comes the hard part – promoting your blog.

Adam Singer shares 10 Proven Blog Marketing Tactics You Can Use Today and David Smith suggests 18 types of posts that get more comments to increase your blog traffic. Heather Whaling provides terrific tips to get more blog readers while Danny Brown points out Two Quick Ways to Promote Your Blog. Mark Thompson wraps up our blog marketing tips with how to make the most out of guest blogging.

Public Relations & Blogging

While blogging is an important tool in the public-relations tool box, here are some tips just for PR pros.  When it comes to blogger outreach Arik Hanson has 5 best practices when you write pitch emails. MyMediaInfo shares a Top 10 list of Twitter moms who blog. And the Reynolds Center offers tips on Using Google Tools to Help You Break News and Find Stories.

Can’t get enough blogging tips or seeking even more inspiration? Read Blogged Down? 80 Extraordinary Blog Tips to Go or browse more than 530 blogging tips and resources elsewhere in the PR Library including: Blog Writing, Corporate Blogging, PR Blogging Tips & Tactics and Top PR Bloggers.  You may also enjoy The PR Coach’s blog This Just In… to keep you current in all things PR.

Good luck with your blogging!

Photo Credits: RA Studio – Fotolia.com

Author:  Jeff Domansky is Editor, The PR Coach

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