30 Expert Tips? There’s a Pinterest for That

by PR Coach

Pinterest for public relations

Pinterest has growing PR resources

Want a great recipe for Yorkshire Pudding? There’s a Pinterest for that. Searching for a cure for the common cold? It’s on Pinterest. Got a yen for yoga? It’s there as well.

Looking for public relations? Not so much! Pinterest has it too but my search for “public relations” on Pinterest delivered mixed results.

It delivered a microcosm of what’s on the Internet. Some of the 240+ hits or “pins” were relevant, useful and right on target. A couple were brilliant or evocative. Many were random, off-topic, sometimes silly but often entertaining.

I decided to do a closer analysis.

Analysis of PR on Pinterest

Let me highlight a few “pins” from the 240 PR search results to illustrate my findings:

  • PR-related; somewhat to very relevant – 85 pins (35.4%)
  • Infographics; mostly social media – 43 (16.7%)
  • Agency or PR service provider promos with no content value –  34 (14.2%)
  • Links to posts; some duplicates – 34 (14.2%)
  • Individual PR pro profiles – 26 (10.8%)
  • Brand/product marketing; mostly blatant service or product pitches; not PR-relevant – 20 (8.3%)
  • Book covers and book pitches – 18 (7.5%)
  • Irrelevant; no relevance to PR – 23 (9.6%).

The data shows clearly that only 35.4% of the “pins” in my survey were somewhat to very relevant to public relations. Many of the posts such as infographics (16.7%) and books (7.5%) were somewhat useful for PR and were included in the “pins” that I deemed relevant.

Nearly 10% were totally irrelevant to public relations and more than 40% above were promotional or of no true content value. Clearly, I didn’t find enough real PR value on Pinterest.

My PR Take on Pinterest?

I won’t bother to do a “how-to-use” Pinterest post because it’s dead simple to use. See Danny Brown’s post below.

My assessment of Pinterest at this time:

  • useful for niche marketing and branding projects, especially if visual
  • potential for creative and innovative PR and marketing applications
  • contains much “fluff”
  • potential for research, listening and monitoring
  • tough to measure specific ROI
  • fun to play with
  • staggering growth, so important to follow closely for future PR applications.

Based on my initial analysis, I’m not finding enough value to spend a lot of my time on it. Like any new social media channel though, you need to be familiar with it and watch for new developments.

I’ve pulled together a useful reading list of 30 Pinterest resources I know will help you make your own assessment of this shiny, new social channel. For me, it’s got potential but it’s not yet ready for prime time PR.

Are you using Pinterest successfully? Are you getting results? I’d enjoy hearing your take in the comments below.

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Author: Jeff Domansky

Pinterest Resources for PR Pros

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