20 Offbeat Twitter Resources You Must Read

by PR Coach

Twitter is great for news, PR, marketing

Twitter is pretty cool for a 7-year old

Twitter is cool and it does so many things so very well.

In a crisis it’s an important source for news, updates and tips. When you’re researching, it can be a vital source of information for PR and marketing.

Looking for fun and entertainment? Look no further. Sex and politics? You’ll definitely find it here.

In fact, no matter what you’re searching for, with more than 550 million users, Twitter has it. Just pick a hashtag or start searching.

Here are several impressive Twitter facts:

  • 554,750,000 registered users
  • 135,000 new users join every day
  • 5oo+ million tweets per day on average; 5,787 tweets per second
  • 115 million active users per month
  • projected 2013 revenue is $399.5 million.

Impressive or what?

Unfortunately, it also has some of the biggest blowhards, weirdos, wild slices of life, mistakes you wish you never made and everything else you could ever imagine. Of course, that’s a big part of its appeal.

20 Unusual, Odd, Best, Worst Twitter Trivia Posts

Twitter trivia for PRI thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the unusual aspects of Twitter. After all, it is the weekend and inquiring minds need to know.  It’s also a belated celebration of Twitter’s seventh anniversary (March 6, 2006).

For your weekend reading enjoyment, I present to you 20 Twitter trivia posts you must read:

15 Twitter “Worst Practices” for Rookies (and Others) to Avoid [Social Media in Orgs]
This list may make you rethink some of your Twitter “best” practices.

25 Twitter Accounts to Make You Laugh [Mashable]
Just in case you were going to skip over this post here’s a sample from @JoshGondelman: “My biggest problem with time travel is. How many days would you pack for?”

30 Funniest Twitter Parody Accounts [Complex Magazine]
Genuinely funny and often weird like @Chuck_Facts – the Chuck Norris joke facts/revolution with 90,000+ or @DarthVader with 360,000+ followers. With the real Bill Clinton now tweeting @BillClinton (508,198), he’s already passed @PimpBillClinton parody site at 142,000+. Twitter. It’s out there.

50 Best Twitter Brand Profile Designs [Simply Zesty]
Lots of inspiration here for big and small business.

50 Funny Spoof Twitter Accounts [Huffington Post UK]
Just what you’d expect from the Brits, including @Queen_UK (1,039,657), @WeirdHorse (207,481) @DianaInHeaven (58,351) @Jesus_M_Christ (481,723) and @WonkaWit (16,106). Only in Britain? Pity.

100+ of the World’s Most Clever and Chuckle-Worthy Twitter Bios [Traffic Generation Cafe]
Can’t imagine how long it took to compile these but they are funny and enjoyable. I’ll be editing my bio. Soon. Thanks @AnaHoffman.

Ever wondered who has been on Twitter the longest? Aside from co-founders @Jack (Dorsey) and @Biz (Stone), there were 13 others who signed on 2,694 days ago.

Get your funny in 140 characters from our favorite comics on Twitter [Digital Trends]
What’s a list of lists without a list of comedians? Drew Prindle offers 20 of the best comedians to follow on Twitter including @joerogan @normmacdonald @LisaLampanelli and @SethMacfarlane.

Nancy Grace tweets

Nancy Grace’s 15 Worst Twitter Hashtags [Buzzfeed]
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. Really? Best one is #CrockPotWifeKiller. Guess that’s why she has 290,000+ followers?

#Susanalbumparty: Top five Twitter hashtag PR disasters [Guardian]
It really does pay to proofread. The comments are a goldmine of additional #hashtaghorrorstories and uniquely British humor if there is such a thing.

The 16 Worst Types of People on Twitter [Buzzfeed]
Buzzfeed hits a homer with these profiles.

The 20 Most Unforgivable Twitter Spelling Mistakes Of The Year [Buzzfeed]
More Twitter spelling screw ups and stumbles along with some witty photos to punctuate them.

The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013 [TIME]
TIME magazine’s annual list of best Twitter feeds is always worth checking out. Includes activists, art and photography, business and finance, celebrities, comedy, culture, fashion, food, health, informers, politics, science, sports and technology.

The Terrible 20: Twitter Hashtags [TeamCoco]
A great list with a couple of favorites including #MovieTitlesWithNoVowels and #NumbersBetweenOneAndNinetyNine.

Top 10 Most Unforgivable Twitter Spelling Mistakes {Buzzfeed}
Where are the grammar police when you need them? Very funny.

Twitter Fail Blog
Always interesting though infrequent.

Twitter Name Generator
With more than 550 million users, most of the good Twitter handles have been taken. Don’t despair. To help you get started with a rocking name, try Twitter Name Generator.

Twitter Statistics [Statistic Brain]
Regularly updated Twitter stats. But more important, truly impressive statistics in dozens of categories including business, companies, crime, entertainment, government, people, sports, technology. It’s enough to curl the toes of the average statistician.

Twitter top 100: most followers [Twitter Counter]
Biggest accounts starting with @justinbieber (38,246,768 followers), @LadyGaga (36,656,065), @KatyPerry (35,685,998), @BarackObama (30,702,922), @Rihanna (29,388,514). @CNNbrk tops the media (11,575,517). @BillGates leads the non-celebrity luminaries (11,050,217).

Worst Twitter TMI: The Most Egregious Overshares on Twitter (PICTURES) [Huffington Post]
Collection of some of the worst Twitter TMIs [Too Much Info] from celebrities and average Twitter users alike. Cringe-worthy.

Got any favorites you’d like to share? And we’d love it if you’d tweet this post or follow @ThePRCoach.

Author: Jeff Domansky

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