10 New, Must-Have PR Smartphone Apps

by PR Coach

Smartphone apps are transforming PR

You’ll recall early in January 2011 we broke the news about a brand-new smartphone app designed specifically for PR professionals? It was called the Proton PR 007.

We have another PR news scoop for you!

It’s the planned release of 10 new, must-have PR smartphone applications by the same company, Proton Products LLC of Newtonville, CA. Each is designed to run seamlessly on the newest Apple and Android smartphones, iPads as well as the latest generation of tablet devices.

This news will not be a surprise to subscribers of this blog who know that we often beat TechCrunch and Mashable to the punch when it comes to PR technology.

Although pictures and screenshots were unavailable, these 10 new applications are designed to run on most smartphone devices. We understand the company has scheduled a news conference to announce the new PR apps at 9AM (PST) on Friday, April 1st at an as-yet-undisclosed Silicon Valley location.

10 Secret New PR Smartphone Apps

Thanks to an inside source, here’s what we’ve learned so far about these 10 new secret PR smartphone apps:

  1. News Release Scribe
    This news release writer replaces Proton’s earlier Press Release Writer. It automatically writes a scintillating headline and lead paragraph for your news release, ensuring it has “real” news value. Settings allow you to include all your favorite buzzwords and super-effective CEO quotes as well as social media components. Has the dog ever eaten your news release? Now you’re saved.
  2. Didja-Get?
    An exciting PR tool and media relations innovation, this app revolutionizes media pitching. It sends e-mails to a list of up to 999 media asking: “Didja get my [email] [news release] [invitation] [media advisory] [or other query]?” Didja-Get then repeatedly emails reporters until they respond and also makes sure to publicly bcc your entire custom media list. A special setting allows you also to send text and phone messages by autodialing until the media return your critical IM or important phone call.
  3. Bad Pitch Eliminator
    Never send a bad media pitch again. This app automatically searches the Internet to find your target reporter’s profile, most-recent articles, e-mail address and phone number. It then generates a pleasant but effective e-mail pitch designed to increase your number of media placements a hundredfold. Ensure you never appear in the Bad Pitch Blog with this simple PR application.
  4. SpinCycle
    Ever spend hours coming up with blog topics and writing your latest breathtaking post? This auto-blogging app is the real deal for bloggers and marketers. Forget content farms and article “spinning.” Never spend more than five minutes producing awesome, thoughtful, in-depth content for your business or personal blog and marketing articles. SpinCycle also provides a continuously-updating list of potential blog topics based on the latest Twitter and Google trends. In addition to automatically producing riveting posts, it uses Google’s translation API to convert your text into one of 65 languages.
  5. Tweet-a-Lot
    This application is an important innovation for heavy users of Twitter. Once you have more than 500 tweets, the app analyzes your “voice”, content, number of followers, the number you follow and starts to create automated tweets. Tweet-a-Lot is so human-like, neither Mr Spock nor your mother in law can tell the difference. No one will ever know it’s a computer behind your online persona. It’s been developed in cooperation with IBM, using its latest DeepQA “Watson” technology and it will even allow you to play Jeopardy on your smartphone while commuting.
  6. Angry Reporters
    Fight off hordes of angry, machine-gun wielding media while you fight your way into the CNN, Al Jazeera, The New York Times or any of 85 other newsrooms of your choice. This new online game is reported to be much more violent than the ever-popular Angry Birds and will be PG14 and PR Interns-Only rated.
  7. PR Social Resumator
    Frustrated trying to write a winning PR resume? This new PR resume tool and template is a godsend. Input your key personal information and job history. The PR Resumator generates a traditional PR resume that will definitely get you the interview! But it does even more! It automatically creates LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as a Prezi portfolio. PR job hunting just got easier!
  8. GuruMe
    Keep track of your online mentions and social media influence by looking in the Internet mirror for appearances of your own name. It’s the perfect companion to Klout. GuruMe counts how many Internet mentions you have of your own or your PR agency name. When you’ve become a social media Guru or “Influencer” it assigns you a score out of 100 and automatically produces a “badge” you can display on your website, blog or smartphone when your “influence” score reaches 85. Be a PR Guru or be square!
  9. KiwiFruit
    This is an ingenious app for dieters, fitness freaks, hot yoga fanatics and PR pros on the move. Input your food choices a day in advance and it pops up a menu, calorie count, directions to your favorite restaurant, calls ahead and reserves your favorite table and suggests the perfect wine to go with your meal. After dining, KiwiFruit automatically books time for your workout at the gym, your run around Central Park or your next hot yoga session. It then tells you how long you need to do each activity to burn off the proper number of calories.
  10. PR WayBack
    If you thought the newly-announced Last Night Never Happened app is cool, wait until you get a look at PR WayBack. Like LNNH, it allows you to quickly and easily erase tweets, posts or any other terrible social media faux-pas the day after a drinking or partying binge. WayBack goes one step better by automatically generating apology e-mails, phone calls and a recorded message on your smartphone. In a day or two, it puts you one step ahead of a serious reputation rapprochement. Magnifique, n’est-ce pas?

While company officials would not speak about features or pricing, our source said she expects the new PR apps to sell on Amazon App and the Apple App Store at prices ranging from $2.99 to $4.99 each.

Watch for Proton Products’ April 1st announcement and remember, you read it here first!

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Photo Credits: Johan Larsson, Milos Milocevic, B Rosen, Reggie Rachuba, Roger Smith via Flickr

Author:  Jeff Domansky is Editor, The PR Coach

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