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We’ve got some great social media tips and resources with PR people in mind. From how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogging as well as social media channels like MySpace, Squidoo and new up and comers. The emphasis is on best practices, examples and practical social media tips that enhance public relations results and create new, stronger relationships.

Other social media and PR resources you may find useful:  Best Social Media Bloggers for PR, Blogging & PR, Facebook for PR, Social Media Monitoring, Social Media – PR Lessons, Social Media Releases (SMRs), Social Media Tips & Strategies, LinkedIn and Twitter & PR. And, the PR Coach’s own blog  This Just In… will also keep you current twice a week. Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”


These are general social media strategies and resources as well as tips for some of the newer or smaller but still valuable social media channels.

3 Easy Tips for Improving the Potency of Your Stumbleupon Account
Ryan Caldwell looks at Stumbleupon and offers helpful tactics to add value and results.

Great ammunition.

10 Free Social Media Tools Every PR Pro Should Master in 2010
Adam Vincenzini shares 10 valuable free social media tools for PR people.  W

12 incredibly useful digital tools for PR
Here’s a list of free but useful social media tools.

28 Reasons Why the CEO is Afraid of Social Media
Too true. The challenge is getting them on social media.

An Internet Marketer’s Guide to Squidoo
Squidoo is easy to use for creating web pages called lenses. Set up on any topic, build credibility and link back to your authority site for growth.

Become a Power User
Chris Poteet shows how to use for tagging, bookmarking and growth.

Benefits of Building Squidoo Lenses to Promote Your Home-Based Business
Using Squidoo to promote your business is easy writes Michelle Jayes.

Blog Promotion: Twitter vs Facebook
Which works better to promote your blog asks Kristen Nicole? Either but both together are better.

Buyers Guide: A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation
Altimeter Report is an excellent PR 2.0 resource.

Digg This Game: The Secret Code to Making Digg’s Front Page
A favorable Digg ranking can bring you huge traffic. Jake Walker tells how to make Digg’s front page.

Digital Journalist’s Survival Guide: A Glossary of Tech Terms You Should Know
The helpful folks at provide this excellent tech glossary.  W

From Tumblr to Twitter: Tips & Tricks for Effective Micro-Blogging
BurellesLuce looks at five popular new micro-blogging programs and shares best practices for business users.   W

Google Blog Search
Google Blog Search is a useful search engine for research, monitoring and targeting bloggers.   W

Great New Social Media Marketing Communications Tool: Pitch Engine
A look at Pitch Engine and why it should definitely be in your public relations toolkit.

How Instagram Harnesses Mobile, Social Media, Photos: 3 Success Stories
Convergence of technology is making it easier to share via social media.

How Nonprofits Can Get the Most Out of Flickr
Here’s some ways to use Flickr effectively in your communications.

How Social Media is Changing the Newsroom
Leah Betancourt looks at how social media is impacting newsrooms.

How To: Get the Most Out of Technorati
Christopher Snyder shows how to use Technorati better in your blog research.   W

How To Promote Content on StumbleUpon
Useful tips for traffic building.

How to set up a Google + Business Page
Learn how to get you Google+ running.

How To Use Klout For Business, 7 Examples
Useful ways to use Klout for results.

Launching a Social Command Center (Without the Center)
David Armano shares valuable POV on monitoring social media.

List of Social Networking Websites
Wikipedia has a terrific list of more than 155 social networking websites.

Media Companies Try Getting Social with Tumblr
Media sites are moving forward online with Tumblr. Read why.  W

Find and watch video, TV shows, news and music videos. Lots of channels to explore.   W

A citizen journalism site worth exploring.

SEO for public relations: A step-by-step guide
How to get SEO working for you.

Seven Benefits of Building Squidoo Lenses
Looking for new social media channels? Find out more about what Squidoo can do for PR.

A social network site where you can create, find and share pages (called”lenses”) and build a new network. Interesting service for cross promotion too.   W

The net’s best place to share PowerPoint presentations.   W

A Twitter tool that allows you to schedule Tweets, research keywords and be more productive. Worth a look.

Some Elegant and Cheap Social Media Tools You’ll Love
Smart social media tools you can use.

Unique tool that searches your contacts on 48 social networks, sometimes turning up surprising things. Test drive it.   W

Survey Reveals: The Top 5 Social Media Channels Companies Are Using
And the top channels according to Jeff Bullas? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogging.   W

Ten “Must-Have” Mobile Apps for PR
These 10 mobile phone apps from PR Newser are just what PR pros needs to stay connected.   W

A micro-blogging tool that allows you to share anything – text, photos, quotes, links, music and video from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you are. Intriguing potential.   W

Twitter, Facebook, Digg: Can You Join Too Many Networks?
Dan Schawbel has helpful tips on choosing and managing your social media networks.   W

Ultimate Guide to Delicious Social Bookmarking
Here’s how to use Delicious for research, data mining and marketing.

A tool for more effective organizational communication. Kind of like Twitter, it allows a private internal service to be created. Free and subscription versions.


We’ve got a large selection of resources on blogging and public relations at Blogging & PR.  Over 5 million blogs are tracked by Technorati and 500,000+ are corporate blogs, so you need to be more competitive and more effective. Learn blogging basics, breakthrough strategies, how to blog with authority and much more.



Facebook has more than 500 million+ users At the right time and place and with an effective strategy, Facebook can be a useful tool for new relationships and wide reach by PR pros. You’ll find some great tips to get you started at Facebook for PR.


With 80 million+ members, communication and PR pros can benefit from a professional online presence on LinkedIn. It is also a valuable search and research tool. Definitely worth learning about LinkedIn and using it by anyone in public relations or business. You’ll find our LinkedIn for PR Resources here.


MySpace gets nearly 100 million visitors a month and more than 43 billion page view monthly. For some products, services or messages, it too is a valuable public relations channel.


A full set of Twitter and public relations resources is available at Twitter & PR. Valuable because Twitter has 90 million+ members already and is the fastest growing social media channel.


YouTube gets more than 100 million monthly visitors and more than 13.8 billion video views in a month. If you have a visual PR story about a product or news that is visual, the payback can be huge and sustained. As a PR pro, you need to know this channel well.

6 Tips for Surviving a YouTube Crisis
Dallas Lawrence shares six tips to help you manage and survive a YouTube crisis.

Greg Jarboe – The Power of YouTube Marketing [Video 4:57]
YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine and must form part of your video social media strategy says Greg Jarboe.   W

PR Needs YouTube
With more than 26 billion videos viewed in Sept 2009 alone, YouTube is a critical and fast-growing channel for PR.   W

Review: YouTube and Video Marketing an Hour a Day
Lee Odden reviews Greg Jarboe’s book and ideas on video marketing.

The Dangers of YouTube
Domino’s Pizza highlights the risk of online impact by employees writes Amanda Gome.

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