Social Media & Public Relations

There’s no denying the importance of Social Media to PR professionals. It’s critical to learn about these new media channels, understand when and how to use them and to utilize their research capabilities and their reach when appropriate. Dive into this brave new media world and see how other PR pros are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many of the newest social media channels to create new, powerful relationships. The emphasis is on practical applications, tactics and social media strategies PR and communications managers can use:

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Best Social Media Tips and Tools

Check out our resources for daily updates, tips and the best social media tools you can use:

  • Facebook – newest Facebook tips and tactics  to help you get the most of the world’s biggest social media channel.
  • Instagram – the latest Instagram tips and tactics.
  • LinkedIn – the most current LinkedIn tips and tactics you find on the Internet, all curated in one handy location.
  • Pinterest – the newest Pinterest tips, all curated and browsable in one spot.
  • Public Relations & Social Media Insight – current PR and social media insight, tips and links updated daily.
  • Simply Social Media – a collection of simple, basic social media tips.
  • Top Social Media Tools – you’ll find a large toolbox of current social media tools as they’re released.
  • Twitter – if you prefer Twitter, check out the Twitter tips and follow ThePRCoach on Twitter.