Press Releases: Reinventing the Classic PR Tool

Aura Communication Press Release

Press releases can still work

There’s lots of chatter about press releases being dead. We disagree. The press release simply needs to be reinvented and repurposed to be more effective with traditional media and now with social media.

We have a whole set of press release resources including News Release Writing & Distribution Tips and Social Media Releases (SMRs) where you can find out how to improve your press releases and learn to create, produce and distribute SMRs for maximum impact through new social media channels.

Other PR Coach resources you may find useful include Blog Writing, Journalism Writing & Resources, Newsletter Writing Tips, PR Writing Tips & Tools, Social Media and Web Writing Tips.

Over at the PR Coach blog, you’ll find a regular series of Bad News Release, Worst News Release Ever and press release tips that are proving popular and educational.

Photo credit: Ben Cooper