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Looking for PR news?

There are thousands of sites for “public relations news” on the net. We’ve gathered links to the best PR news sources to help you get the PR news you need faster.

And we’ve also included a few must-reads from the news media and journalism fields. A few are old school subscription-based publications or PR journals but some also have free blogs and other valuable communication resources.

You may also enjoy Top PR Bloggers, Best Social Media Bloggers for PRMedia Relations/Publicity, Media Training and PR Profession. The PR Coach’s blog  This Just In… will also keep you current twice a week. Sites with W are PR Coach “winners.”

Advertising Age
Longtime ad business trade magazine’s website has front page headlines, blogs, resources and sometimes PR news of interest. Register to get free newsletters and some content access. Paid subscription.

Alltop – Top  PR News
News aggregator Alltop pulls PR news from media across the net, with a focus on blogs.

Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog
Free daily PR news and commentary from Bulldog Reporter.

Business Wire’s blog carries news and feature articles.

Jeff Jarvis blogs about news and media. Great insight and opinion.  W

Chicago Tribune – Public Relations News
PR, advertising and marketing news stories from the Chicago Tribune.

CisionBlog provides media insights, looks at trends and offers strategies for communications professionals.

Columbia Journalism Review
CJR always has topical stories of interest to PR professionals.

Communication Currents
Publication of the National Communication Association.

Communication Director Magazine
Quarterly magazine for European corporate communicators. Paid subscription.

Communication World (CW)
IABC’s excellent monthly magazine requires a subscription but is of high quality and always topical.   W

PRSA blog is free and filled with regular posts and content.

Corner Bar PR
Self-described “sassy source for PR pros”, Corner Bar PR is the perfect place  for a little humor, entertaining attitude, gossip by the regulars, articles and more. Belly up to the virtual bar for a cold one and a warm welcome. 

Award-winning journalist Jonathan Dube provides news, tips and commentary about online journalism, citizen’s media, technology’s impact on journalism and the internet as a reporting tool.

Daily Briefing
Project for Excellence in Journalism produces a free daily digest of online media news, links, columns and opinion for those interested in the media. Who in PR isn’t?  W

Executive Communication and Speechwriter’s Weekly
Ragan newsletter delivered free, monthly, focused on speechwriting, speeches and executive communications.

Five Ways to Keep Current in Public Relations News & Trends
Barbara Nixon suggests five practical ways to stay informed on PR news.

Forum – The Newspaper of the PRSSA
The Public Relations Students Association publishes three times a year filled with Society news and tips on the PR industry, job hunting and more.

Fresh Ideas
BurellesLuce blog features news and insights about PR, media, research, social media. Check out the free monthly e-news as well.

More media news than PR but excellent reading.   W

Guardian Marketing & PR
Got a yen for British marketing and PR news? The Guardian has it. - Immediate Delivery

Institute for Public Relations News
IPR news, research and knowledge.

InVocus Media Blog
Vocus’ blog is all about media relations featuring media moves, journalist interviews, campaign reviews.

Jack O’Dwyer’s Newsletter
Eight-page, weekly newsletter from the NY-based O’Dwyer. Paid subscription.

Media Bullseye
All about new media and communications.

Media Monitoring News
Monthly e-news and archive from CyberAlert covers media monitoring and measurement news.

Media Post
Many online media publications and a wealth of free media news and resources with no-charge member sign-up.

Mr Magazine
Tracking the newest magazine launches, Mr Magazine is useful for PR pros. Pitch these new mags before they get fat and sassy.

New York Times – Media & Advertising News
Top notch media, ad and sometimes PR news free from the venerable New York Times. Excellent reading!  W

Newser: News About Public Relations
Newser is a newsfeed that aggregates PR news so you can “Read less/Know more.”

NU Access
This is The News University blog about journalism and online training resources.

O’Dwyer’s Blog
Covering PR, public affairs, marketing and the world of communications with Mon-Fri posts.

O’Dwyer’s Daily Public Relations News
This is O’Dwyer’s online news magazine with breaking news daily, features and special reports. Some free content, most is paid subscription.

O’Dwyer’s PR Report
PR industry’s biggest monthly magazine with in-depth coverage of PR firms, campaigns and case histories. Paid subscription.

PR Agency News

Agency news, new business wins, trends and analysis, all in a free e-newsletter from Bulldog Reporter.

PR Fuel
Online news and articles from e-releases.

PR News
Each week, PR News provides news, articles, ideas, strategies and case studies for PR professionals. Paid subscription.    W

PR News Blog
Frequent, useful blog posts from the folks at PR News.

PR News Online
PR News provides news, tips, and strategies for public relations and communications professionals. Some free content, paid subscriptions and more.

PR Newser
This is Media Bistro’s daily blog, constantly updated with PR industry news.  W

PR People on the Move
All about the people in PR including moves, news and more in this free newsletter from Bulldog Reporter.

PRSAY is a forum for PRSA members and other PR professionals.

PR Tactics
PRSA’s PR Tactics is a monthly newspaper and online version about practical PR tips, tactics, news and information. Paid subscription.  W

PR Voice
Blog of the President of the UK-based Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

PR Watch
This Center for Media and Democracy quarterly publication “investigates and exposes how the PR industry and other propagandists manipulate public information, perceptions and opinion on behalf of governments and special interests.”  W

PRWeek Magazine (US Edition)
Weekly US PR industry news, in depth analysis, campaign reviews, job resources and more. Some free content, paid subscription.  W

PR Week (UK Edition)
Weekly PR industry news from the UK as well as in-depth analysis, campaign reviews, job resources and more. Some free content, paid subscription.  W

Free online news from the Public Relations Society of America.

Profile Extra
Blog of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK. Some free content but most is member or paid subscription.

Public Relations Journal
PRJ is  an online research journal, published quarterly, by the Public Relations Society of America and is edited by Dr. Donald K. Wright, professor of public relations  at Boston University.

Public Relations Review
This is the oldest industry journal, focused mainly on research and academia, and is available by subscription.

Ragan’s PR Daily
A free collection of links to PR news around the net. Always interesting.  W

Sherpa Blog
Marketing, promotion and PR news in a free weekly e-newsletter.

Social Media Update
Anything and everything about social media and online technology; delivered free, monthly.

The Holmes Report
An excellent PR news publication by Paul Holmes, former editor of PR Week and Ad Week. Read news stories, Knowledge Database and archive and some other content for free. Paid subscription.  W

The Melcrum Blog
Thoughts and insights on internal communications from Melcrum.

The Public Relations Strategist
Selected material from the premier PRSA publication is available for online viewing at no cost. A superb resource.   W W

The Skinny on PR
PR News’ free weekly newsletter is a useful source for PR news, views and articles. Registration required.

The Strategist
PRSA’s quarterly magazine looks at views, changing ideas and challenges the status quo of the PR profession. Subscription.

VoiceAmerica – PR Insider
Maureen Kedes hosts a one-hour, weekly Friday program on the PR business. Shows are archived for convenient listening.

Web Journal of Mass Communication Research
Scholarly journal explores the intersection of the web and mass communication; contains a good archive.

Weekly Radio Spin
Weekly podcast talks about the forces that shape the news including PR firms, think tanks, lobbyists, experts for hire and marketers.

Whatever Suits
This is PRSA Counselor’s Academy blog and a forum for consultants.

Winning PR Campaigns
Free email newsletter highlighting the winners of the annual Bulldog Awards for PR excellence.

Wooden Horse Publishing
The latest news about magazines. Well worth reading the free newsletter.

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