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Good PR Job Tips

We’ve got more than 300 of the best PR job tips, tools and resources including PR resume and interview skills, career guides and PR job salary data.  All to help you find the best public relations job or learn more about the PR profession. You can also see our other PR and communications job resources: PR Coach Public Relations Job Board, Best Places to Find PR Jobs and  PR Recruitment Firms. Sites noted with W are PR Coach “winners.”

PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide
Seriously looking for a PR job? Get PRoactive – the new book loaded with valuable strategies & practical tips on search tools, social networking, public relations resumes & portfolios, best PR jobs websites, much more.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Infographic Resume
Interesting POV and creative resume strategy.

3 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Your First Nonprofit Job for at Least a Year
Here’s a really thoughtful look at the value of nonprofit PR jobs.

4 Digital Alternatives to the Traditional Resume
Four terrific tips for non-traditional resumes.  W

4 Skills Brands *Should* Be Seeking in Their Social Media Talent
Good advice for PR job hunters too.

5 Guerrilla Tactics to Get a Job
Five tips that may help you get your next PR job.

5 Job & Internship Tips for Recent Fashion PR Grads
Basic PR Jobs tips with a fashion perspective.

5 Tactics to Land a Job Using Social Media (Plus Tips to Do it Right)
Kelly Rusk shares five ways social media can help you land a PR job.   W

5 Ways Getting an MBA Can Help PR Pros
Pondering an MBA? 5 reasons it counts from Frank Strong.

5 Ways to Effectively Use Social Media to Conduct Your Job Search
Five great tips will help you use social media to find a job.

6 Creative Ways to Land a Job in Digital PR
Excellent PR job advice from Arik Hanson.

6 Ways to Score a Job Through Twitter 
Terrific PR jobs advice.  W

7 Social Media Tips to Get Your Job Search on Track
Practical PR Jobs tips from Heidi Cohen.

7 Ways to Use Facebook for Your Job Search
Helpful tips for PR job hunters from Lindsay Olson.

8 Questions on Every PR Job-seeker’s Mind
Smart advice for PR jobs hunters from Arik Hanson.

8 Tips for Acing a PR Job Interview
These tips will keep you on track in a PR job interview.

9 Online Resources for Those Looking to Break into PR
Great public relations tips for new PRs.

10 Best Cities for Top-Paying PR Jobs
Useful PR jobs snapshot.

10 Steps to a Fab Job as a Public Relations Consultant
Follow these 10 tips to a rewarding career.

10 tips for landing your PR dream job
Good PR jobs reminders.

10 Tips for Finding a Job Using Facebook and LinkedIn
Excellent social media tips for job hunting.

10 tips for landing your PR dream job
Good PR jobs reminders.

10 Tips to Help Recent Grads Launch Their PR Career
PR career tips for new grads.

11 Amazingly Obvious but Overlooked Job Interviewing Tactics
Catch these 11 smart job interview tips.

11 Ways to Lose Your Job on Facebook
Watch out for these Facebook faux pas.

12 Ways to Use Quora for Your Job Search
Very helpful tips for PR job hunters.

14 essentials for PR newbies 
More quick tips for PR students.

14 Key Attributes for New Public Relations Professionals
Dave Fleet shares 14 skills new PR pros need for success in the business.

15 Primo PR Job Boards & Resources
Where to look for PR job openings.

21 Secrets to Getting the Job
21 great generic tips to help you get a job.  W

25 Qualities Job Interviewers Look for
Job interview tips for every situation.

30 Creative Resume Designs Able to Land a New Job
Spark a fresh new PR resume.

51 Expert Tips for PR Job Hunters
Terrific resource for PR job seekers.

A Career in Communications/Public Relations
Wall St Journal looks at why a PR career may appeal.

A Pack of Career Tactics
This 31-page guide from PRSA is one of the best public relations job resources available.  It features articles with advice for PR graduates, getting and keeping a PR job and keys to success in the profession. Highly recommended.  W

AC Online: College Student Guide to Professional Social Profiles
37% of employers use social media to screen applicants while 34% said social profiles prevented a hire. This infograph from AC Online also noted 49% of candidates posted provocative or inappropriate photos or info and 45% contained info about candidate drinking or using drugs. Check this guide for tips on social profiles.

Actually, it IS about what you know
Networking and tips for new PR grads.

Amazing Job Applications to Tech and Media Companies 
Very creative resume ideas.

Another Creative Marketer Goes Beyond the Resume
Reinventing the resume with a fresh look.

Are Cover Letters Still Relevant for Social Media and Tech Jobs?
Absolutely for PR jobs too.

Are the Days of the Unpaid Intern Over?
Let’s hope so! UK not so much.

Are You Hiring the Right Public Relations Candidates?
What are the skills, experience and background needed in today’s best PR people. Valeria Maltoni offers her thoughts.

Are You Managing Your PR Career?
Heather Yaxley yaks it up with good career management tips.

Basic HTML Skills Every PR Professional Should Have
OK PR 2.0 pros, take note.

Be Smarter: How to Find a PR Job (or How Not to)
Practical PR job hunting lessons from Peter Shankman.

Beautiful Visual Resumes
Worth exploring to supplement traditional resumes.  W

Behind the Spin
This online magazine is for PR students and new practitioners by CIPR in the UK.  Lots of PR job tips. It’s also worth reading by older, I mean experienced, PR people.   W

Best Possible Preparation for Career in PR? Being a Mets & Jets Fan 
OK PR students. Here’s some good tongue in cheek advice from Steve Cody.

Between a Job and a Hard Place 
On taking risks and finding your 1st PR job.

Beyond the Basics: Using Social Media to Attract & Connect with Candidates
Smart PR hiring presentation worth reviewing.  W

Beyond the Salary – Perks That Count
Rick Gould highlights the perks that add to salary in a big way.   W

Blogging for Job Seekers and How to Own your Online Identity with an Online CV 
Useful tips to help you use blogging to create your online identity and position you for job opportunities.

Bright Spots Amidst Troubled PR Biz, Says Comp Guru
Mark Rose reviews the 2009 Official PR Salary & Bonus Report by Spring Associates and finds a few bright spots among the gloom.   W

Career Changes and Common Threads
Great read for PR job hunters.

Career Opportunities in Public Relations
A PR career snapshot by Columbia School of International and Public Affairs.

Career Survival Week 1/5: What to Do When You Lose Your Job
Recently laid off? Rohit Bhargava has the first in a 5-part career survival series starting with tips on job layoff.

Careers in Public Relations
Snapshot of PR career and communications job opportunities from How Things Work.
Simple free portfolio tool for journalists, PR, creatives pros.

Corporate Communications Average Base Salaries
See corporate communications salaries by title and region from PRSA.

PR consultant Ron Culp has a good site for those seeking a career in public relations. Credible articles and advice.

Cut Turnover by Challenging Employees: “Stretch Them More if You Want Them to Stay”
ICCO and IPR study shows the tougher the challenges, the more likely top employees will stay.

Dear Gracie: 9 Non-PR Skills Every PR Person Needs
Excellent PR job advice and skills you can use.

Develop Your Public Relations Career With the Redesigned PRSA JobCenter 
The redesigned PRSA job resource Center is a valuable tool for job hunters. Check it out.  W

Do You Need Social Media Experience to Land a Job in PR?
Thoughtful post by Matt Krautstrunk.

Eight Interview Questions You Need to Ask
Tough questions to expect for PR job hunters.

First Impressions of the PR Industry
New entry PR point of view.

Five Great Tips for Nonprofit Job Hunters
Nonprofits are hiring PR pros.

Five LinkedIn Secrets for Job Seekers
PR jobs tips worth following from Wayne Breitbarth.   W

Five Mistakes Online Job Hunters Make
Wall Street Journal points out online job hunting faux pas.

Five Tips for New Grads: How to Use Social Media to Start Your Career
Excellent advice for new public relations grads.

Fluffy PR  job title options at crisis levels!
Fun: Are you “uptitling” or “title-fluffing”? Don’t.

Freelance Writing Jobs: How to Write a Resume and Bid Letter to Win Clients
This slide show guides freelance writers on how to bid and win projects. Just ignore the annoying mechanical voice.

Get a Job You Love
Kristen McDonald compares PR jobs in corporate, nonprofit and agencies.

Get Public Relations Jobs
PR job website offers jobs by country, state.

Get Hired: PR & Social Media Jobs
Regularly features PR and social media openings.

Getting Your Next PR Job
Valerie Simon offers a few tips on how to get that next PR or communications job.

Getting Your Resume Noticed: “Say This, Not That” 
Sound PR resume advice.

Good analysis: Social Media and the Tale of Two Career Paths
Thoughts on the socialization of business from Brian Solis.

Graduated But Not Employed: Simple Strategies for What to Do Next
Practical tactics to help you get that PR job after graduation despite tougher economic times.

Graduating Into a Recession: The Hopes, Fears – and Job Prospects – of PR Students
With employers expected to hire 22% fewer new grads in 2009, the outlook for PR grads is challenging.

Have Relationships Trumped Skills in the PR Job Search?
Thoughtful advice from Arik Hanson.

High Potential PR Professionals Thrive on Challenge
This IPR study looks at the challenges of high turnover and retention of PR pros. It identifies four top factors for retention.   W

How Not to Get a Job
Solid PR job advice too.

How PR Students Can Improve Their Marketability
Here are several smart PR job tips for students.

How Social Media Can Help You Land That New Job [Infographic]
Valuable social PR jobs tips.

How Social Media Killed the Cold Call
Social media is having a huge impact on the job or crude in the marketplace.

How to: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume
Dan Schawbel provides a really informative guide to a winning social media resume and a way to brand yourself effectively online.   W

How to Convert Your Resume Into an Infographic
Interesting new tools for PR job hunters.  W

How to Deal with That Hole in Your Resume
Useful tips to help you answer the question about layoffs.

How to Find the Best PR Agency to Work for? 20 Questions
20 Qs to help you get a PR agency job.  W

How to Get a Higher Salary as a PR Professional
10 tips to help you get the salary you’re worth.  W

How to Get a Job in Public Relations: Eleven Tips from a PR Pro
11 valuable job tips from Mary Ellen Miller.

How to get a job at a PR firm
11 great tips for PR job hunters from Dorothy Crenshaw.

How to Get an Internship in College
Solid tips for future PR interns.

How to Land the PR Internship of Your Dreams
Quick tips for PR Interns.

How to Prepare for Job Interviews
Chronological and marketing resume and cover letter samples, interview tips and crib cards.

How to Prepare for Performance Reviews: Top 10 Mistakes & How to Fix Them
Great PR biz insight from Elizabeth Sosnow.

How to Rock Your Internship in 10 Easy Steps
Simple PR intern advice from Barbara Nixon.

HOW TO: Set Up an Online Resume
Here’s a set of useful online PR resume tips.

How to Start Looking for a Job
Lindsay Olson shares seven smart PR job hunting tips.

How to Turn Your Crappy PR Internship into a Positive Learning Experience
Smart tips for savvy PR interns.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your Career
Useful online PR jobs strategies.

How to Use Twitter to Land a Job
Terrific tips to help you get noticed and hired on twitter.  W

How Not to Get a Job in Public Relations
NewmanPR shares a hiring tale of woe and a warning to new grad applicants. Sheesh!  W

I Am Intern
Lauren Bergen, the Intern Queen, blogs about internships and has openings (many in PR, marketing) and tips for interns too.  W

I hate to bug you but …  six networking no-nos
Excellent PR job tips from Eve Tahmincioglu.

Interviewing Tips and Tricks
Sara Steffan’s PR job interview tips.

Is the Job Market Really That Bad? [Video 2:33]
Video IconTwo recruiters talk about the job market, what areas remain hot (hint: social media) and what to do to be a good prospect.   W

Is This the Coolest Student Journalist Resume Ever?
Interesting for PR jobs too?

It Takes Work to Have a Life in a 24 x 7 World
Andy Marken provides a wry but accurate view of working in PR.

Job Seekers Subjected to Social Media Background Checks
New social media service checks applicants’ online profile. Keep an eye on your loose Tweets, Facebook faux pas and blog banter.

Job Seeking 2.0
Where to look and how to use the web for PR job hunting.

Journalists: 5 Real-world Tips for Jumping into PR
5 tips for a smoother transition from journalism.

Landing your First Public Relations Job
Tips for the first time job hunters and reminders for those with more experience.

LinkedIn Branding for Today’s Savvy Job Seeker
How to get your LinkedIn title working for you.

Looking for a Social Media Job? Here are 5 Key Reminders
Sound advice for PR jobs too.

Making the Transition – Corporate to Agency
Tips for moving to a PR agency job.

Making Your Online Portfolio Stand Out
Five tips for a better online portfolio.

Managing Up: Helping Your Boss is the Best Way to Help Yourself
You need excellent skills, superior experience and smart thinking to get ahead. Learn how to “manage up” in this PRSA paper.   W

Ned’s Job of the Week
Ned Lindquist has a weekly newsletter and active list of communications jobs but navigating his site is a challenge.

Nine Simple Strategies to Help You Land a PR Job
Nine useful tips for job seekers.

Nonprofit Public Relations: Exciting, Rewarding, and Fun!
Good nonprofit PR Jobs

Older Interns Signal Gloomy Labor Market
Tale of 55 year-old PR intern.

PRSA: PR Agencies Average Base Salaries
See PR agency salaries by title and region from PRSA.

PR Career Survival and Growth Advice from Three Executive Recruiters 
Three top recruiters provide excellent PR career advice.  W

PR Director on List of Best Jobs in America
PR  makes this best jobs list at number 84.

PR: Is It the Job For You?
Useful introductory overview of PR jobs.

PR Job Outlook
According to the US government, the PR job outlook is positive.

PR job prospects improve in 2012
Tips to help you find a public relations job.

PR Jobs Require More than Good Writing Skills: Ex-journos Find Life Not so easy on ‘The Dark Side’
The challenge of moving into public relations from journalism.

PR Job Search Strategies: 4 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd
Smart PR job strategies from the co-founder of #HAPPO.

PR Lands On ‘U.S. News’ List of Best Jobs
And why not?

PR QuickStart
Provides a basic overview of public relations and the PR agency business. Designed for those new to the public relations field, and a useful refresher for veteran practitioners.   W

PR Specialist One of the Best Careers for 2011
US News
finds PR a best career. But then we knew that, right?

PR to Face ‘Massive Talent Shortage’
PR Jobs future brightens with social media opportunities according to Edelman exec.  W 

PRSA Issues Guidance on Intern Programs
1st step in right direction as PR intern guidelines are overdue.  W

PR Tools and Tactics to Build Your Career
Savvy advice for new and old.

‘Please Feel Free to F*cking Contact Me’: Worst Cover Letter of All Time
Yep, that’s bad PR.

Poll: PR pros love spontaneity in their job
Here’s what we like in our jobs.

Newsletter from recruiter Heyman Associates often has good content for PR job seekers.

Preparing for a Communications Career – Advice from the PR Pros: Part One
Three tips to help you get ready for a PR career.

Preparing for a Communications Career – Advice from the PR Pros: Part Two
More sound PR career advice.

Preparing for PR: Advice for High School Students
If you’re ever asked for PR career advice, share Rich Becker’s excellent post.  W

Public Relations & Professional Networking: Using LinkedIn for PR
Really useful networking tips.

Public Relations: Careers in Public Relations [Video 1:28]
Glenn Selig talks about a career in PR and some of the job advantages and appeal.

Public Relations Jobs Tip Sheet for Job Hunters – Career Advice
Useful job tip sheet from PRSA.

Public Relations Specialist
US News and World Report cites public relations as one of the top 50 careers in 2010. Expected to grow by 24% or 66,000 jobs in the US by 2018.

Public Relations Specialists
2014 Bureau of Labor Standards looks at the PR job market, median salaries and growth potential.

Publicist Offers Quick Tips to Job-seeking Journalists in Layoff Frenzy
Stay in touch with publicists if you’re a journalist looking job after a layoff.

Recruiters: Should Job Applicants Mention Using Social Media?
Surprising and valuable PR job debate.

Report Highlights Need for Online Talent Now
The demand for social media skills is exploding.

Sandy Charet Surfs for PR Candidates in Social Media
Great insight into sourcing candidates through social media.

Searching for a Job in Communications?
Drew Kerr’s tips will help you get a head start in searching for communications jobs.

Signs of Life in the Public Relations Job Market
PRSA’s The Public Relations Strategist reports growth in PR job openings in 2010 and a strong uptick in several sectors and markets.   W

Simply Hired – Average Public Relations Salaries
Find out the average public relations salary ranges in a variety of job titles.

Six Signs that PR Agency Business is Improving
Encouraging news for PR job hunters.

Social Media DO’s and DON’Ts: 8 Job Search Essentials
Online profile tips for PR job hunters.

Sorry, Sam, based upon your skillset, strengths and weaknesses, your new title will be ‘Connector’
Steve Cody has a funny take on new age PR titles.

Spice Up Your Resume [Infographic]
Useful visual and PR job insight.

State of Public Relations Jobs? Opportunities
PR jobs are booming writes The PR Coach, Jeff Domansky.  W

Students, the 9 Things that Matter More than GPA
Terrific PR student job tips.

Study Reveals Median Starting Salary for a PR Pro
Good news for new PR grads. And the salary number is…

Supercharge Your Job Search with Social Media
PR job hunters take note.

Take Your PR Resume from Lame to Game
11 PR resume tips worth noting.  W

The Benefits of APR
Totally agree with Jason Mollica’s POV. APR is worth it.

The Creative Career
Allie Osmar blogs and helps students prepare for the ever-changing roles in communications, marketing and public relations.

The Jump from Journalism to PR: 7 Things to Consider
Public relations job insight.

The Pros and Cons of Being on the PR Fast Track
Six pros and cons to guide your fast-rising PR career.

The Right Way to Do a Resume?
10 tips for reporter and PR resumes too.

The Secret to Getting a Job at a Top Public Relations (PR) Firm in New York (NY)
Start by being creative and forward thinking writes Jane Lerman with three more good PR job hunting tips.

The Undergraduate’s Guide to Landing a Job in PR
Hidden secrets of undergrad public relations job hunters.

The Worst Mistake You Can Make On Your Resume
Fail to customize and your chances are zip.

Tips For Creating Your Custom Resume
Four practical suggestions for a stronger PR resume

Tips for Job Seekers: How to Catch a Recruiter’s Attention at LinkedIn
This Forbes video will help PR job seekers use several social media to attract recruiters’ interest.did

Tips on Following Up after You Send a Resume
Lindsay Olson suggests three positive ways to follow-up.

Tomorrow’s PR Pro: Media Producer
Important PR hiring trend.

Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes
Thinking outside the box tips and video resume examples.

Top 5 Ways PR Agencies Can Keep Talented Employees
Getting top PR staff is tough, keeping them even tougher writes Andrew Worob.

Top 10 Public Relations and Communication Job Boards
Useful PR job resource.

Top 10 Tools for Landing a Better Job
10 solid job search tips from Lifehacker.

Top 10 Ways to Succeed in PR
Great public relations career advice from Andrew Worob.

Top Five Tips for Breaking into Public Relations
More PR jobs tips for entry-level pros.

Top Tips for a Positive Social Media Footprint
50% of employers check your online presence.

Transcript from #PRSSA Virtual Career Fair
Loaded with PR job and PR intern tips from smart PR pros.

Twitter PR Job Resources
Lots of PR job resources available at Twitter. Monitor these streams tips, advice, opening: #pr jobs, #printern, #PRSSA, #entry, #prstudchat, #PRadvice, #PRSA  W

US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook
Faster than average growth and keen competition are highlights in this useful outlook on jobs for public relations specialists. Report includes employment, salary opportunity stats but may not reflect the worsening economy.

Using Advanced Twitter Search to Find a Job [Video 3:15]
Excellent resource & how-to for PR job hunters.

Using Social Media for a Job Search
Rachel Levy show how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogging and online communities to help you in your PR career search.   W

Using Social Media to Keep Your Job
Six tips from Rohit Bhargava showing how social media can add to your value.

Using the Social Web to Find Work
Chris Brogan offers a really useful, and free, e-book guide loaded with good advice on using social media to find a job. Thanks Chris!   W

What Companies Want in a Social Media Intern
Applies to PR interns too.

What Does It Take to Make It in PR?
Video interview by Mark Ragan with three leading PR pros.

What is the Real Value of a LinkedIn Profile to a Recruiter in the PR Industry?
Recruiters tell Valerie Simon how they depend on LinkedIn for head hunting. The message? Polish up your profile.  W

What Should You Include in Your Video Resume?
Interesting tips to producing a video resume.

What Skills do Future PR Pros Need to Have?
Thoughtful video clip with PR career advice by MopwaterPR.

What Young PR Pros Can Do NOW to Help Their Job Search
11 excellent tips by Angela Moore to help young PR pros prepare for PR job hunting.  W

Where Job Seekers Should Be Online
Several new tips on where you should look for PR jobs online.

Where the PR Jobs Are
Peter Himmler says look to online community management for the best new PR job opportunities.

Which Letters Matter More?
Thoughtful debate: APR vs MBA?

Why Starting at a Small Agency Is Better for Your Career
Thoughts on working in big vs small ad agencies apply to the PR too.

Will a Facebook Ad Land a PR Job Seeker His Next Gig?
A novel ad by a young PR job seeker garners attention and kudos for his approach from The Bad Pitch Blog.

Working in PR & Communications
Looking for a PR or communications job in UK? UnicornJobs has a great set of PR job resources.

Your Future Employer Is Watching You Online. You Should Be, Too
The future of jobs is social according to the Harvard Business Review.

Your Resume: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly. What Matters Most to Recruiters?
PR job hunters take note.

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