It’s hard not to be at a loss for words when trying to speak about the impact and importance of the tragedy at Charlottesville. But words are all we have left at the end of the day, when we need to answer the question of where can we find a REAL leader when we need […]

Twitter is filled with competing truths, lies and “alternate facts.” More than 2.5 million Twitter followers have pledged to support Alt-Gov accounts.

Gasbags or global warming? The big question is who will win in 2017? With the President-elect calling global warming a “hoax”, environmentalists, consumers and business are not sure what to expect other than big challenges ahead.

Try to imagine getting the latest news by chatbot? If you can think it, you can ask for breaking news from CNN using Amazon Echo. That’s right. It’s the latest news brought to you by CNN chatbot. CNN launches chatbot news CNN has done a great job of delivering the news on TV and new […]

TV media in particular have relished the ratings from the most disruptive and rancorous US election campaign in history. Reality TV crossed over into mainstream TV journalism and media credibility continues to evaporate. The election has shown why public trust in media in the US is the lowest ever. The surrogates and spinners deserve our scorn. The media no longer deserve […]

Excitement is building for the final of the three US Presidential debates. We’re excited to have a scoop about Donald Trump’s final debate strategy courtesy of a leaked email shared with Sean Hannity and me (The PR Coach) from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Polling reveals Trump opportunity Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway’s secret polls have turned […]

The Donald’s secret debate strategy will leave Hillary speechless and I’m about to prove it. If you’ve ever clicked on headlines like these, raise your hand: Body Marbling Is A New Festival Trend That Turns Your Skin Into Art How I Turned My Boring Toilet into a Magical Place Forget Coffins – Organic Burial Pods […]

Say buddy, can you spare some time? Excuse me Miss, can you spare a minute? We live in the age of distraction and, as Wayne Friedman writes in MediaPost, a recent CRE/Nielsen study highlights the issue for advertisers, marketers, PR pros and social marketers: “Beyond noticing TV ads, the CRE says viewing, defined as total time […]