Imagine you work for the Central Intelligence Agency? Checking your voicemail two months ago via your satellite smartphone, you hear this new assignment: Agent Smith. Your mission today, should you decide to accept, is to plan and launch our new CIA Twitter account. You will have all the resources you need and we recognize the […]


Not every CEO is born to write a blog, but a look at some successful CEO blogs indicate tangible benefits for the businesses involved. For example: In his blog, Craigconnects, the founder of Craigslist actively discusses tech and social media trends in ways that resonate with avid readers. Guy Kawasaki, Apple’s chief evangelist and social […]


Why Google Plus PR fail speaks volumes

by PR Coach on April 27, 2014

When it comes to recent Google Plus news, what we have from Google is a failure to communicate. To recap, last Thursday Vic Gundrota, senior vice president for Google Plus, publicly announced his resignation by this rather touching Google Plus post And Then. His boss, CEO Larry Page, responded with his own G+ post to […]

There it is. Another of those stupid blog post titles that says plenty about nothing. You know the kind of lame titles I’m talking about? PR Is Dead! Long Live PR! Memo to Tom Foremski: Die Linkbait Journalism, Die! The press release is dead. Long live the press release… The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet The […]

Guess what content converts buyers best?

by PR Coach on March 25, 2014

A new Nielsen research study provides powerful proof that “expert content” strongly influences consumer purchase plans. According to the report “The Role of Content in the Consumer Decision Making Process” commissioned by inPowered: “Results of the in-lab study show that expert content — credible, third-party articles and reviews — is the most effective source of […]

It’s one of those linkbait stories that catches your eye and won’t go away. Like a train wreck, you can’t resist looking at it. So, when Business Insider posted This Woman Is Live-Tweeting Her Father’s Death Right Now, I clicked to read their report, ready to be outraged: “Diagnosed with lung cancer, Mr. Kilmartin was […]

Two Can’t-Miss Content Marketing Trends

by PR Coach on February 24, 2014

A couple of new content marketing trends popped up last week and they’re fascinating to follow if your job is to create new and engaging content. Heard about BlogShares? Jay Baer highlights the first new blogging trend and coins a new buzzword in his post Did We Just Invent A New Form of Blogging? We’ll […]

Message to Marketing: Your Social Media Sucks

by PR Coach on February 3, 2014

Earth to Marketing… When it comes to social media, is marketing really listening to consumers? If so, tell me why your social media sucks so badly? There are thousands of reasons why consumers loathe old-school marketing. For all its promise, social marketing is not faring any better. We’re doomed if we don’t learn from the […]

GUIDE lets anyone produce a video from text

January 28, 2014

Ever dreamed of a way to simply and easily create video from text, mix in a handful of visuals and produce a video to add to your blog or website with a click? Recently, the launch of Guide moved that dream one step closer to reality. It’s an interesting debut of a unique, text-to-video production […]

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Will native advertising sink The New York Times?

January 9, 2014

The redesign of The New York Times website signaled the launch of native advertising for the first time at the newspaper. Will native advertising be the iceberg that capsizes the mainstream media Titanic’s journalistic credibility? It’s not the first rollout of native ads or brand journalism but it is the most significant in the “Old” […]

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