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Nothing like a cover story in The New York Times or a feature story on CNN during prime time. So here’s some great media relations and publicity tips to help you get from here to there….

Learn the art of effective media relations and get the best publicity tips and resources to help you get the best media coverage possible. Get media pitching tips, enhance your blogger relations, and learn how to write tip sheets, press releases, media kits and lots more.

Newest Media Relations Resources

media-relationsWe’ve created a new media relations resources collection now located on our PR and Social Media Insight curated pages on You’ll find hundreds of articles and posts with media relations tips, insight and strategies to help you gain earned media coverage.

Best thing of all? These resources are available free.

You may also like DIY PR Tools, Tips & Templates, Media Lists & Resources, and Media Training. And, the PR Coach’s blog This Just In… will also keep you current weekly.

Media Relations Archive

For researchers, students and for writers looking for historical articles, the archive below has our original best media relations posts from 2008 to 2013.

Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.” Note, some files are PDFs or videos and may require patience while downloading.

PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s Guide
Seriously looking for a PR job? Get PRoactive – the new book loaded with valuable strategies & practical tips on search tools, social networking, public relations resumes & portfolios, best PR jobs websites, much more.

3 Easy Ways to Guarantee Bad Media Coverage
Avoid these media relations gaffes at all costs.

3 Ways to Publicize Without a Publicist
Good do-it-yourself publicity tips.

5 Changes in Journalism and What They Mean for Public Relations
These trends will impact how media relations gets results. From Fresh Ideas.

5 Dos & Don’ts For Getting Blog Coverage
Pitched properly, bloggers offer great possibilities for coverage.

5 Elements of a Good Story
The five elements are: passion; protagonist; antagonist; awareness; and transformation. Simple, right?

5 Steps to Write an Irresistible Tip Sheet
A tip sheet with flair, substance and spark will get you results. Here’s how.

5 Tips for Pitching Local TV News Station [Video 3:38]
Former TV assignment editor Seth Odell gives five valuable tips to get stories on local TV.   W

5 Ways for Small Companies to Better Engage Reporters
Here are five very practical, valuable tips for better media relations results.

6 simple and effective tips for pitching the media
Six ways to get better media pitching results.

6 Ways to Ruin Your Chances of Getting Free Publicity
Practical media relations tips to get it right.

7 Tips to Get More Mileage Out of Your Publicity
Included: reprints; websites; ezine promotion; email existing clients; repitching; internal PR; and much more.

8 Tips for Conducting Effective Interviews with Bloggers
Eight practical tips for better blogger interviews from Srinivas Rao.

8 Tips to Get Your Business Book Published
David Meerman Scott has solid advice for business book authors.

9 Ways Companies Completely Blow Press Opportunities
Here’s how to lose media interview opportunities.  W

10 Facebook Pages Every Journalist Should Follow
Helpful pages for PR to follow too.

10 Media Pitching Tips for New Entrepreneurs
Catch these basic media pitching tips from PRWeb.

10 Press Release Alternatives
Heather Whaling serves up 10 excellent options for media relations when a press release is not enough.  W

10 Reasons Media Relations Will Get Easier in 2010
Jeremy Porter has a thoughtful post on media relations trends, social media and PR tools. W – Share Your News with Journa

10 Tips for Writing Your Story
These simple before/after guidelines will pay dividends in coverage, from Network for Good.

10 Ways Tablets Will Impact PR
PR 2.0 trend to watch.

10 Ways to Make a Publicity Plan for the New Year
Ten smart publicity planning ideas that will deliver results.

12 Tips on Approaching Bloggers
David Spark offers basic blogging pitch tips.

13 Tips for Pitching Your Story
Pitching your story to the media is an art. Learn how.

14 Free Resources for Building a Media List
Jeremy Porter shares 14 excellent, free resources to help you build your own media lists.  W

24 tips for journalistic productivity
These tips work for PR too.

27 Hooks for Book Chapters, Articles and Blogs
Superb PR tips for media relations pros.  W

51 Masterful Media Relations Tips for PR Pros
The PR Coach shares 10 of his favorite media pitching tips plus 51 expert links.  W

101 Tips for Becoming a Rockstar with the Media
101 useful media relations tips.

20,000 Ducks: Visuals are a Key Ingredient for Event PR
Adam Singer shares a case study with an important lesson about vital visuals.

AAA Checklist for Easy and Effective Press
David Givens shows how to make science come alive with these very practical media relations tips.

A Bad Pitch Has a Real (Bad) Impact
Some keep learning how not to pitch the media the hard way.

A Blackbelt in Public Relations [Video 2:13]
Follow the news and be quick to respond if you can add to a story or trend says Jeff Crilley. W

A Journalist’s Tips for Pitching Story Ideas About Your Business
Mark Macias shares tips on getting your business in the news.

A mouse, a librarian, storytelling and great PR
A public relations mouse tale results in great media coverage.  W

A Roll of Nickels and a Phone Booth: Anybody Can Do PR!
Bruce Marcus’ editorial shows just how bad things are for editors who see waste, irrelevancy and poor research as they get bombarded by bottom feeders in the PR industry. Any wonder the media are cynical? Read and learn. W

A Veteran’s Tips for Surviving the Media
20 excellent tips from experience and elaborated upon by Rick Amme.

An Exploratory Study of Global Media Relations Practices
Interesting look at media relations transparency.

Anatomy of a Great PR Pitch
Good example of smart blog pitching.

Anatomy of a Press Conference [Video 4:59]
How can you make a news conference newsworthy from Amy Shaw. She talks about integrating social media tools as well.   W

Anybody Can Send Out a Press Release
No substitute for media relationships writes Drew Kerr.

Are Exclusives a Good Idea? In a Word: No
Not usually a good media relations tactic.

Arts Writer Sends 1,400-Word Email on How to Communicate Efficiently
Pitching media? These tips will help you get better results.

Assignment Editor
Jim Lichtenstein created this resource that journalists can use to find stories and do research on the internet. Works for PR folks too! Includes new archives, practical tools for journalists, media links and much more.   W

Associated Press: How to Pitch a Story to AP [Video 2:11]
AP editors talk about how reporters (and PR people) should best to pitch to AP.   W

At Long Last: What Journalists Want from PR People
Silicon Valley Business Journal’s
Bernie Silver says know your target newspapers, can the jargon, don’t spam, make calls brief if necessary, know the deadline, and make sure it’s news.

At Show Time Editorial Abuse Gets Easier With Email
Are you abusing your media relationships? Andy Marken points out some bad practices.

Athletes Need to Focus Messages Too
According to Rick Amme, athletes should follow his practical media training principles to take better advantage of their moments in the media sun.

Attention PR People: Here’s How to Pitch a Writer
Nine tips from Mitch Joel to help you pitch media better.

Bad Pitch Blog
The blog that tells all about bad pitches by PR people who should know better. W

Bad Pitches Go Grassroots
Looking inside bad media relations practices.

Be a Great Talk Show Guest
Eight tips that made Fire Captain Bob a great interview.

Be a Star: 8 tips to make the most out of your TV appearance
Susan Harrow offers up a TV publicity success story.

Better PR Tactics for Today’s Media
Davina Brewer offers some dead PR tactics and some poised for a comeback.

Blacklisting and Representing
PR Fuel
article looks at FOX News Channel’s questionable blacklisting of journalists. Interesting reading.

Blogger Outreach vs. Media Relations
Are they different or the same? Your reporter has the answers.

Blogger Relations Misconceptions
Here are some smart blogger pitching tips from BurrellesLuce.

Bloggers or Press, Who Should You Pitch?
On the other PR hand, why not both?

Building a Media-Friendly Press Room
Internet publicist Eric Ward tells how to create a great press room on your website for better media coverage.

Can’t We All Just Get Along? – Good Reporters Keep PR Contacts Close
Media relations cuts both ways.

Care and Feeding of the Press
The Internet Press Guild’s Esther Schindler provides a comprehensive guide to media relations. W

Community Media Workshop
For those in non-profit work, this site is valuable, though geared toward the Chicago area.

This is Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting’s (FAIR) weekly radio program that exposes and highlights bias and inaccurate news, censored news, racism, sexism, homophobia, corporate influence, gaffes and goofs by leading pundits, and more.

Courting the Press: The Do’s and Don’ts of Trade Show Press Materials
How to get the best results from your trade shows by working closely with the trade media from Andy Marken.

Create a Media Bio
Book publicist Annie Jennings has a few practical articles including tips on how to create your own media-friendly bio.

Creating a Target Media List
Create a target media list before you approach the media. The effort you take to do this now will save you time, money and energy and ensure the best results.

Creating, leaving an impression in today’s fast-paced media
Excellent tips for better media relations in a social media world.  W

Dating Advice for PR Pros
Jeremy Porter’s excellent media relations advice. W

Dealing With the Press: No matter what I say they get it wrong
Understand the process and follow basics: be well briefed, anticipate questions, prepare notes, rehearse and list key points in priority.

Dear PR Flack
The tag line says it all: “bloggers point and laugh at bad pitches.” W

Designing Websites to Maximize Press Relations
Usability guru Jakob Nielsen’s research showed only 60% of media could fin the PR contact at 20 sites surveyed. The rest of the report highlights key ways to meet the needs of the media more effectively. W

Developing Relationships With Reporters
Some useful bridge building tips and a checklist for the perfect pitch from The SPIN Project.

Does My Company Really Need a Media Kit?
In a word No. Not in today’s digital world. Links would be smart.

Don’t Call Us
We’ll call you dot-com publicists if we ever want to use your silly story ideas, writes Janelle Brown in Salon. If you’re in PR, your ears should be burning at the incredible shallowness of being in public relations.

Don’t Pitch, Connect. News Discovery and the New PR
Valuable media insight on news and connecting with great content by Valeria Maltoni.  W

Don’t Take the TV Talk Show Bait
Many experts, including CEO’s, still fall into TV talk show interviewer’s traps. Here’s what to watch for in a very useful piece. W

Dump the ‘Pitch,’ Find Your Story!
Media relations pros: What’s your story?

Eight Tips to Pitch Media Better on Twitter
These tips will get you pitching media better on Twitter.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PR
Leslie Brokaw’s feature article from explores the may facets of PR and how CEO’s and business owners should take charge of their own PR.

Example of a Great PR Pitch
Chris Brogan shares what he liked in a recent pitch.

Failing Pitch: How a PR Firm Can Derail Exposure
The moral of this story is: be available!

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
FAIR acts as a media watchdog. Find features and articles in their magazine and radio broadcasts.

Feeling low? Don’t blame Blue Monday
Publicity stunts: bullshit is a slippery slope.

Fifteen Ways to Use Twitter to Build an Army of Adoring Journalists
Useful media relations tips on using Twitter from Gini Dietrich.  W
A vast archive of published articles you can search for free. Constantly updated, it contains articles dating back to 1998 from more than 300 magazines and journals. W

Finding Nemo: PR Professionals
Rich Becker shares six tips on what it takes to be a good PR pro and even better, 10 things that make a good news story.

Five Factors that Drive News Decisions
Knowing these five news values will help you pitch the media better.

Five Steps to Get on a Talk Show
Practical media relations advice and talk show tips.

Following Up on News Releases: When and How
A properly formatted follow-up is appropriate in very few circumstances. If you story meets those criteria, here are a few tips.

For Good Media Relations, Treat Reporters Like Customers
Know their needs, advertise your products, give good service, offer specials, and keep in touch from Writing That Works.

Free Press Release Distribution Roundup
Mickie Kennedy of eReleases takes a look at the more reliable of the free news release distribution services. W

Gabrielle Giffords: When the Media Blows It
Brad Phillips shows how to respond when media makes a mistake in a breaking story.

Get Publicity By Conducting Surveys
Surveys can be a gold mine for publicity writes Dan Janal.

Good News, Bad News
Does bad publicity really hurt? Ask the Gap.

Help A Reporter Out
HARO is a free service where reporters request help from PR and other people with stories they are writing. A great idea when used intelligently! W

Hook Editors With Strong Openings
Useful and to the point, Karen Baxter’s PR Fuel tips are good ones.

How Do I Create An Interesting Press Release?
mentor Lisa Buksbaum guides you through the process of creating a compelling press release.

How Do Journalists View Follow Up Phone Calls?
Most want the pitch by email and 71% are OK with a call if it’s relevant. A surprising, thoughtful article from Jeremy Porter. W

How Editors Choose the News
Communications toolkit from IMPACS is excellent with what makes news, preparing a spokesperson, pre-interview checklist and more. W

How Not to Do Public Relations
Journalist Brian Foy rants about poor PR practices by a software firm.

How to Appear Live on TV from Anywhere for Free
Great tips on using Skype for interviews.

How to Attract Media Attention
Gaining positive media coverage is no small accomplishment; it can be gold, especially for small to medium sized businesses.

How to Be Worth a Journalist’s Time
EVOK suggests 10 ways to be a good media resource.

How to Beat the Media in the Climate Street Fight
You CAN correct the record with the media.

How to Build an Effective Media List That Generates Coverage for You
Practical tips to build a solid media list.

How to Build a Successful Media Relationship – Getting Back to Basics
Great media relationships = great media results..

How to Communicate With Journalists
Calling to report bias in TV news or dashing off an angry letter to the editor? Check FAIR’s advice on communicating with journalists by letters to the editor, op-eds, and meetings with editorial boards or news management.

How to Create a Pitch Letter to Get On TV or Radio Shows
Pitch letters are used when you want to get on TV shows or radio shows. Here’s how they differ from a media release.

How to Deal With the Press
Be honest; don’t duck; speak plainly; get the bad news out fast, and tell the truth. Best ways to win says Rick Griffin.

How to Get Small Biz Publicity [Video 2:24]
Roger Pierce provides publicity tips for small business. W

How to Get the Press On Your Side
A long list of press tips to guide you in successful media relations.

How to Handle Bad Press
PR Fail illustrates the results of poor media relations.

How to Hold a Press Conference
Practical tips on planning and holding a successful news conference.

How to Pitch
Bonnie Harris is an expert at media relations. She shares more than a dozen “how to pitch” articles including TV, radio, print.  W W

How to Pitch a Publicist
This post makes sense after reading.

How to Pitch Food Bloggers
Great tips on how to find and pitch food bloggers well.

How to Pitch a TV talk show
Solid TV pitching tips from Bonnie Harris.

How to Pitch the Associated Press [Video:  2:11]
Two AP editors explain how best to pitch a story in a YouTube video.  W

How to Pitch “the Foodies”
Got a food story. Learn the best ways to pitch food writers.

How To Pitch: The Wall Street Journal [Video 1:07]
WSJ reporter Lee Hawkins tells how to pitch the paper for media relations results.

How to Put Together a Press Kit
Everything old is new.

How to Stop Paying for Broadcast Media Clips and Get them Free
Practical tips and smart advice.

How to Use Press Releases to Get Free Publicity
Frugal marketer Shel Horowitz tells how to get media coverage on the cheap.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor
The Opinion page is one of the best-read and most influential sections of a newspaper. Learn how to craft an effective letter.

How to Write for Journalists and Make Their Jobs Easier
Just the basics to help you get better media coverage.

If Your Pitch is Rejected, Can You Bring It to Another Reporter in the Same Section?
Excellent Q for media relations pros..

In a World of Online News, Burnout Starts Younger
Worth knowing when you’re pitching stories to online media.

Ingredients of the “Pitchwich”
Media pitching tips to help you get better results.

Integrating PR: How Media Relations Has Changed
Rich Becker looks at how social media makes media relations different today.

Jeff Crilley’s Free PR Tip – Feeding Frenzies [Video 1:59]
Give the media what they’re hungry for and what’s hot today to get publicity. W

Journalists Are Not Gods, Nor Do They Live on Mt. Olympus
Savvy, practical media relations advice from HRB.

Journalists Find Some News Releases Useful
News releases are not dead yet if you do it right.

Journalists: How Can the PR Industry Communicate Better?
UK survey discovers what journalists need and want and the impact of the internet and online communications. Vital reading for PR people. W

Keep it Relevant
Relevance gets your news release read. Do your research and target carefully and considerately.

Learn the Secrets of Print Interviewing
Learn five key tips to print interview success.

Learn the Secrets of Radio Interviewing
Learn three key tips to radio interview success.

Look far beyond your topic for publicity ideas
Some useful media relations, PR ideas from Joan Stewart.

Make Your Press Materials User Friendly
User-friendly media materials get results.

Make Your Story Compelling to the Media
It’s the job of a public relations professional to support editors and reporters in arranging interviews and understanding a company’s products and services.

Making Your Biz Media Savvy
Following these practical tips will help you get coverage.  W

Managing the Media: A Guide for Activists
Planning a peace demonstration or blockade? Learn how to manage media and the story in this very complete guide. W

Media: Developing a Media Resource Inventory
Outlines how to put together a comprehensive list of all newspapers, radio stations, TV channels and contact persons appropriate to a community target audience.

Media Disasters Prove that PR Professionals are Needed
Media relations tips to have better interviews.

Media is Changing, Is Your Approach? [Video: 3:36]
Here’s a look at how media channels are changing and how PR must change as well.  W

Media Relations 2.0: What Journalists Really Want from PR
Fresh Ideas suggests how PR can best feed the media’s hunger for content by providing just what the media need.  W

Media Tips – Television
15 TV interview essentials for Media Training Worldwide

Media Toolbox
GDRC provides an excellent toolbox of over 25 resources on the dos and don’ts of working with the media. Includes checklists, tips and how-tos. W

Meet the Press: Tips for Your First Media Interview
Preparation, practice and presence of mind all will help your interview go smoothly.

Muck Rack
Find out which journalists are on Twitter. Issue a one-line press release. Track media and muckrakers. Interesting service and resource. W

New Site Aims to Connect Reporters and Publicists
NewsBasis service should help PR and journalists.

News & Knowhow: Media Outreach
Here’s how one association made media coverage happen.

Get comprehensive bios on journalists for a fee. The better to help you prepare for a specific interview, check credentials or follow up more effectively.

News Cycles: Timing is Everything
If you know the news cycles from newspapers and TV to blogs, you can use them to get your story into the news. Learn how.

Search many area newspaper archives to help determine news release pick up and pay a fee only after you have found what you are looking for. Useful.

News Release Was Not Ready for Prime Time
Is this the worst news release you’ve ever seen?  W

Online Newsrooms: A Necessity for Search and Social Content Strategy
Online newsrooms are a necessity as is great content.  W

Online Press Rooms That Perform
What to include in an effective online press room and other valuable advice.

Out of Time: Facing a PR Nightmare
Here’s how one association dealt with an investigative reporter.

Perfect Pitch: NBC Chicago’s Alison Rosati [Video 5:08]
What PR pitches get opened and which get tossed? NBC 5 News anchor Rosati tells how to pitch TV. W

Perfect Pitch: Penelope Trunk [Video 4:05]
Video Icon Brazen Careerist
blogger and The Boston Globe columnist Trunk shares what it takes to get her attention. W

Pitch Perfect – Improving Your Chances of Earning Positive Media Coverage
Shawn Bannon shares an ex-TV producer’s top four tips on getting media interested in your story.

Pitching the Media in the Electronic Age
Ned Barnett offers a comprehensive guide to media pitching – what’s news, how/where to pitch and the seven deadly sins to watch out for.   W

This free service helps journalists find expert sources and publicists and experts pitch media stories. Interviewees are rated by media. Worth exploring.   W

PR: From the Newsroom Perspective
Henry Eason writes when you learn what newsrooms and reporters want and need, the rest gets easier.

PR in the Age of Layoffs and Transition – Welcome to the 3rd Ring of Hell
New media relations challenges as media transition.

PR People Getting Pushier With Bloggers Since the Recession
A sad comment on lack of skill, savvy and PR common sense when it comes to blogger relations from ProBlogger. W

PR Stunt or the New Journalism?: The Titans of Public Relations are Going Direct to Viewers and Readers
Social media is opening up new media relations and publicity channels.  W

Preparing for an Interview
Another good how-to from the University of Michigan.

Preparing Spokespersons
James Horton offers this helpful prep checklist.

Press tours: Five steps to better awareness
Try these five tactics to make your next press tour a success.

Pro PR Tip #155: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Ask the media if they want to hear the pitch.

Pro PR Tips
Tech journalist Rafe Needleman blogs, rants and points out PR tips that most PR pros better pay attention to or suffer the consequences. W

PublicRelations Remains Focused on Media Relations
Thoughtful reflections on PR by Heather Yaxley.  W

Public Relations: The Search for Serendipity?
Gartner analyst pitch fails and why.

Publicity Stunt Hall of Fame
Think famous. Get famous. Learn from the 70 top publicity stunts that inspired us all. From Taylor Herring PR. W

Radio & TV Pitch Letter
Sample publisher pitch letter and bio are long but a good learning tool.

Radio Locator
Find radio stations and contact info by country, state, or city. Includes weblinks and format.

Resolve to Get Positive Publicity [Video 1:25]
“Experts” are always in demand by media says Jeff Crilley. W

Results (Media)
Here’s a helpful checklist to measure media coverage results.

Reuters Foundation Reporters Handbook
Ever wondered how reporters work? This handbook is an excellent guide for reporters and it will help you learn to give them what they need for a story. W

Robo Pitch
Are you guilty of media robo-pitching? A pox on you!

Seeking Out Sources, Made Transparent on Twitter
Fascinating media view of AZ shooting.  W

Shortening the Pitch
Good media pitching reminder.

Should I Pay to Be on TV?
Here’s a disturbing media relations trend. Of course, the answer is “never.”  W

Simply Stupendous Press Kits
Does your kit impress or perplex the media? Think substance.

Sing Like a Diva
Make media relations a top priority with these top notch media interview tips.

Six Rules of Media Etiquette
Enhance the value of your media interactions.

Six Things The Media Want From You
Smart media relations tips to follow.

Small Business PR Lessons from Chilean Miners
Media relations lessons learned from the Chilean mining disaster.

Speak in Soundbites
Media coach Susan Harrow provides advice on how to get better audience reaction with soundbites.

Standard Operating Procedures for Working With the Media
Learn from the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for media relations and outreach. W

Stupid Press Release Spam
David Meerman Scott is angry about spam from PR people. He should be.

Suggesting Story Ideas to NPR
Love NPR? Here’s how to pitch story ideas.

Talk About Burying The Lead!
Oops. Don’t bury the lead. Bad PR.

Talk Radio: Let Your Voice Be Heard
These practical radio tips will let you turn up the volume.

Talk Radio Shows: National and Regional
A useful list of national and regional talk shows for your PR planning.

Tell Your Story Confidently: Prepare for an Interview
An excellent set of media interview tips with a useful checklist. W

Tell Your Story Confidently: Understanding Reporters
Find out what motivates reporters and how to get them hooked on your story. Great tips. W

Tell Your Story Confidently: What You Must Do Immediately When a Crisis Hits
Ten excellent tips for managing a communications crisis. W

Ten Commandments of Book Media Relations
Useful media relations tips from Richard Laermer and Michael Prichinello.

Terrible Telephone Interviews Made Easy
Seven valuable tips on what to do when a reporter calls by Andy Goodman.

The 11 Things That Journalists Consider Newsworthy
Excellent media relations tips from Mr Media Training.  W

The Facebook PR Mess with 60 Minutes
Media relations insight: How not to do media relations “exclusives.”  W

The Friday Five: Tips on Getting Covered in The Innovation Economy
The Boston Globe reporter Scott Kirsner offers valuable advice for those pitching him or any reporter with a story.  W

The Imma Be (Making a Tenuous Link) Pitch
Media relations no-nos from Bad Pitch Blog.

The Power of Public Relations: A Basic Guide to Getting Noticed
Texas Commission on the Arts provides a useful, step-by-step guide to DIY PR and media relations.

The Two Critical Elements of the Perfect Media Pitch
If you know these two elements, your pitch will be successful.

“There be no Vapor”: A Lesson in Good Pitch Practice
The bad thing about vapor stories, writes Richard Laermer, is they rarely work and eventually no one cares about you when you have a real story.   W

Think Like a Reporter for More PR Wins
Thinking like a reporter will help you pitch stories more effectively.

Tip Sheets are Great for Creating Publicity
On your next story pitch, try the versatile tip sheet. Done right, results usually follow says Kim Harrison.

Tips for Writing an Op-Ed
Op-eds are different in style and tone from journal articles and other forms of academic writing. Here are a few suggestions from Harvard Kennedy School.

Tips to Leave Effective Voice Mails
Here’s how to leave an irresistible voice mail pitch.

Traditional Media is Getting More Important as Fewer People Read It
Shrinking but still important, traditional media remains influential, authoritative and now available in a click.

Use Social Networking to Effectively Build Media & PR Contacts
PR 2.0 and media relations how-to.

Using Letters to the Editor
Letters to the editor used effectively can carry a lot of clout. Guy Bergstrom shows how.

Using Online Smarts to Become a Media Source
Helpful media relations tips and using online tactics for results.

Want Great PR? Find Your Company’s Unique Story
Keith Trivett shares ideas on how to find your unique story to attract media interest.

What You Do When They Don’t Write about Your Story
Hint. Add social media value.

When ‘Bite Me’ Is ‘Off the Record’
A look at the Rolling Stone article leading to General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation and lessons learned.

Who gets it first? How the Media/PR Game is Changing
The Boston Globe’s Scott Kirsner reflects on what PR pros need to do to be effective with reporters.

Why Do Some Publicists Lie?
Sage PR advice and answers.

Why Going “Off the Record” Is a Dumb Idea
What he said! Sage media relations advice from Brad Phillips.  W

Why Journalists Make Mistakes & What We Can Do About Them
Media hate corrections and Poynter Online look at how they correct the record.

Why You Need to Target Freelance Journalists with Your Press Releases
Freelance writers can get you great coverage if properly pitched.  W

Why You Shouldn’t Answer Reporters’ Questions by Email
Not as effective as live!

Will SWAG Get Great PR For Your New Product?
Wrestling with the challenge of providing a product to media for review.

Working With the Media – PETA
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals offers a comprehensive set of basic, practical media tips. W

Yes, Virginia, Your E-Mail Pitches Do Still Make a Difference
80% of media prefer pitches by email and Keith Trivett shows how to do it right. – Share Your News with Journa

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