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Government communications cover a range of skills and public information services. We’ve gathered a range of information sources and insights into the world of government communications.

Here, public relations skills are applied to a lot of  interesting and sometimes controversial information programs. Learn more about government communications, explore best practices and have a look at examples of effective public affairs and public information programs.

You’ll find other PR resources at  Community Relations, Public Consultation, Strategic Public Relations and The PR Coach Blog: This Just In….  Many sites have PDF documents which may need patience while opening. Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.”

3 Case Studies in Social Media Experimentation
Gov2.0 is thriving as these three case studies show.

Air Force New Media [Video 10:50]
This YouTube video shows how the USAF is using social media.

Amber Alert: Best Practices Guide for Public Information Officers
Tips to maximize PIO effectiveness before, during and after an Amber Alert.

Are .gov Sites Pushing Propaganda?
Here’s a public affairs and PR debate for the bar.

CDC Publishes Social Media Toolkit Online
Best guide ever; 12 Gov2.0 lessons.  W

Communicators Guide
Older but still thorough and relevant looks at the role of government communicators. Produced by the Federal Communicators Network, it includes planning, working with the media and an extensive how-to section.   W

Communicating With Elected Officials, Policy Makers and the Media
2020 Vision provides tips on communicating with strategic officials as well as practical media tips like letters to the editor, op-eds and media interviews.   W

Communications Policy of the Government of Canada: Executive Summary
Brief policy document outlines how communications should work in the federal government.
A non-partisan news and information website designed to encourage citizen participation in US government by enabling you to write directly to elected federal and state officials. Their media list is also superb!   W

Creating Content that Serves its Civic Duty
Excellent gov 2.0, opengov tips, 3 examples.

Designing Social Media Policy for Government
Center for Technology in Government suggests eight essential elements to be considered in developing an agency’s social media policies.

Does the Pentagon Engage in Inappropriate Public Relations Activity?
Dr Michael Turney reviews recent allegations hat Department of Defense didn’t follow the rules when engaging in PR activity.

Government 2.0 Club
A Google Group just for government communicator and PR pros.

H2IQ: A Public Information Program
An interesting effort by DOE to increase public awareness of hydrogen.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media
Social media survival guide for US public sector professionals has helpful tips.

National Association of Government Communicators
NAGC is a national nonprofit org with many resources for govt communicator members at all levels.  Includes news, job board, training and professional development.  W

National Information Officers Association
If you’re a public emergency or safety information officer, NIOA is worth considering.

New Media and the Air Force
This Air Force guide to new media is an excellent blueprint for any organization with social media aspirations.   W

These resources from the Plain Language and Information Network will make you chuckle.

Plain Language Action and Information Network
These radicals are doing great work encouraging the spread of plain language in all government communications. Features examples (some humorous), tips, how-tos, resources, and federal plain language guidelines.    W

PRO Communicator
Blog with tools and tips for public information officers and professional communicators.

Simon Wakeman
Wakeman blogs about UK public sector communications, PR, marketing.

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse 
Center for Disease Control saw great results from an innovative “zombie” campaign.   W

Sunlight Foundation Follows Lobbyist Tweets
If you follow affairs in DC, you’ll want to keep an eye on Sunlight Foundation’s list of lobbyists on Twitter – an excellent resource.

Tasmanian Government Communications – Strategy and Implementation
Here’s a set of strategic planning tools and templates worth a look from down under (Australia).

The Public Sector Excellence Database
Information on innovative, award-winning programs implemented by a variety of state and local governments.   W

The Size of the Spin
Australian radio program looks at the “dark underside” of government spin in an interview with writer Bob Burton.

Tools for Online Idea Generation: A Comparison of Technology Platforms for Public Managers
Comparison of online platforms for idea generation to assist public managers in the planning of stakeholder engagement.

Top 10 Best Practices for Government Websites
Here’s a useful best practices checklist and tips on website design, managing content, web usability, measurement, and regulations.

Top 10 Things Congressional Staff Hate to Hear
Slightly tongue-in-cheek but relevant list from Families USA.

Top 9 Things I Hear Myself Saying About Social Media to Others 
Same for PR.

Unique Characteristics of Government Employment
Dr. Michael Turney explores the unique challenges of doing PR in that giant fishbowl called government.

US Government PR Contracts
SourceWatch keeps a watchful eye on domestic and foreign govt PR contracts, hoping to expose conflicts, highlight ethical concerns and inform the public.

US Government RSS Library
Here’s a list of US government RSS news feeds for hose who want to track govt news.

US Government Twitter Fan Wiki
Want to know who’s tweeting in the US government? It’s all here including Barack and Michelle Obama, The White House, Department of Homeland Security, NASA, Jesse Jackson and many agencies, congress reps, senators and more.   W

Web 2.0 Challenges Traditional Government Communications
Article by Jim Stanton examines the impact of new media and the implications for government communications. Note his eight fundamental communications needs the public seek from their govt officials.   W

Web Content Managers Forum
Calling all government web professionals. With more than 1400 members of this online community, you’ll find news, tips, resources, training and professional development.

Writing Communications Plans
Here’s a set of thorough tips from the Federal Communicators Network to help you write an effective communications plan and a crisis communications plan.   W

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