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Public Relations & Content Marketing Archive

For researchers, students and for writers looking for historical articles, the content marketing archive below has a collection of our older posts from 2008 to 2013.

2 Foolproof Methods for Getting Content Marketing Buy-In
Very helpful strategies to use with the C-suite.

3 Reasons How Your Business Benefits from Content Marketing 
Connections, leads and sales sum it up.

3 Reasons Why YouTube Videos go Viral 
Content marketing pros take note.

3 Secrets to Creating Remarkable Content Every Time
Content marketing insight via @HeidiCohen.

3 Things Marketing Can Learn From the Media
Thoughtful read.

3 Ways to Use Google+ in Your Content Marketing Efforts
Here’s how to apply G+ to your content marketing program.

3 Examples of Content Marketing That Get Customers Talking
Heidi Cohen shows how to make your content shareworthy.

4 Brands That Use Instagram For Killer Social Media Marketing
Learn how four brands use Instagram for creative content curation.

4 Content Curation Tools for Faster News Discovery
Several interesting new tools.

4 Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore
Important trends including mobile, author rank, Google updates and metrics.

4 Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing that Go Beyond ROI
Joe Chernov shares four extra paybacks from CMI.

4 Must See Content Marketing Resources
Joe Pulizzi shares 4 good case studies. W

4 Tips for Designing Interactive Visualizations
How to go beyond infographics.

4 Ways to Use PR in Your Content Marketing Efforts [Case Study]
Excellent case study about Blue Fountain Media.

5 Basic Metrics to Measure If You Care About the ROI of Your Content
Measure up Pilgrim!

5 Behaviors of Successful Modern Marketers
Including storytelling.

5 Case Studies of Brands Using Niche Social Sites (and Why You Should too)
Niche sites are growing in appeal for brands.

5 Easy Content Ideas for Effective Content Marketing
The goal is to provide free content in exchange for attention.

5 Places to Find Inspiring Content Ideas
Helpful content marketing tips.

5 Reasons Thought Leadership Marketing Matters
Thought leadership, why businesses need it and how to do it well from Jeff Ernst. 

5 Reasons Why Companies Are Challenged by Content Creation & How to Fix
Lee Odden offers content creation tips.

5 Tips on Finding Fantastic Content for Your White Paper 
Useful writing resource.

5 Types of of Snack Size Content for Social Media Marketing [Jeff Bullas]
Going long with shorter content marketing.

6 Amazing Retail Content Marketing Examples [CMI]
Here are six great models to learn from. W

6 Dos & Don’ts for Better Content Marketing
Real, practical tips.

6 Questions That Belong in the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Trends Report
Useful insight and trends.

6 “Start-Me-Up” Tips for Novice Content Marketers [CMI]
Practical content tips from

7 Business Goals of Content Marketing: Inbound Marketing Isn’t Enough
Excellent post on clarity and CM goals.

7 Content Marketing Tactics to Maximize Muiti-Screen Effectiveness
Valuable insight via Heidi Cohen.

7 Different Ways to Present Your Product and Service and Stand Out
Marketing spark.

7 Facebook Blunders You Want Your Company to Avoid
If Facebook is your preferred channel, avoid these common Faceplants.

7 Reasons Content Marketing is Better than Link Building [Search Engine Watch]
Seven reasons why content rocks.

7 Reasons Content Marketing Needs Images (& Actionable Tips)  [Heidi Cohen]
Excellent CM advice from Heidi Cohen.

7 Social Media-Inspired Content  Marketing Lessons [CMI]
Valuable CM lessons from Social Media Week 2012.  W

7 Strategies for Developing Compelling Content in 2013
Revisiting @CMI content insight.

7 Tenets for Branded Content Creators
Good read on brand journalism.

7 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong On Your Company Blog
Smart corporate blogging tips from The Content Strategist.

7 Tips For Super Strategic Video Content
Great learning. Seven brands using video right! 

7 Tremendous Ways YouTube Can Promote Your Content
Marketing tips you can use.

7 Ways to Improve Content Marketing Conversions
Smart tips to capitalize on good content.

8 brands that really get social content–but don’t get the credit
@ArikHanson highlights eight great social marketing successes including Patagonia, MooseJaw and more. W

8 Digital Resources to Supercharge Your Content Efforts
Very useful content marketing tools.

8 Renegade Methods Using Content Marketing to Dominate Your Industry in 2013
Fresh marketing thinking.

8 Tips for Measuring Engagement of Your Blog Readers
Useful advice for measuring success.

8 Ways to Use 15 Second Videos to Connect With Your Customers 
Smart content marketing with video. W

9 Tools For Your Content Marketing Toolkit 
Smart thinking, valuable tips. W

10 Blogs You Should Be Reading If You Manage A Company’s Content Strategy
Count ’em. Ten sources for CM ideas and inspiration.

10 Commandments of Social Media Content Marketing
Jeff Bullas shares 10 very useful tips. 

10 Companies That Totally Nail Copywriting 
Great writing alert.

10 Content Ideas that Generate Comments and Shares
Valuable content and writing tips from Gini Dietrich.

10 ‘Instagram for video’ apps to watch
Adam Vincenzini share content tips.

10 Reasons Why “Liquid” Content Should be Included in Your Social Media Marketing
The goal is to create liquid content that goes viral.

10 SlideShare Strategies that Will Boost Your Content’s Value
Excellent tips for maximum content ROI. W

10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy
Love this classic advice for every writer.  W

10 Top Content Marketing Takeaways from ‘Get Content. Get Customers’
Top 10 takeaways brilliant content marketing practitioners.

10 Must-Have Templates for Content Marketers
This is a valuable set of tools from the Content Marketing Institute.  W W

10 Reasons Why “Liquid” Content Should be Included in Your Social Media Marketing
Why you should strive to create the “worlds most engaging content.”

10 Steps to Create a Content Marketing Blueprint for Small Business
Focus on communicating what you do, not what you sell.

10 Ways to Make YouTube Work for Your Brand
Useful content marketing tips.

10 Ways Leading Brands Use Facebook Ingeniously for Their Marketing 
Must-read if you’re looking to learn from social marketing innovators.  W

11 case studies prove content marketing ROI
Looking for social media and content marketing proof? W

11 Laws of Great Storytelling
Great writing tips for blogging too. W

11 Tips to Get Your Content Marketing on Track
Actionable tips from Heidi Cohen.

12 Content Research Tools You Should Be Using
Excellent list from Arnie Kuenn. W

12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post
12 blog promotional steps for success.

13 Marketing Musts for 2013
Nice ‘n practical.

13 Things You Must Do Before You Publish Content
Helpful content marketing checklist. W

13 Ways Stories Support Social Media Marketing
Heidi Cohen shares useful storytelling tips.

14 of the best infographics we’ve seen in 2012
Enjoy this content marketing collection.

15 Copywriting and Content Marketing Blogs that Will Make You More Money
Great blogging resource.

15 Tips to Expand Your Content’s Audience Cost Effectively
Here’s 15 good ways to market your content.

15 Ways to Use Blog Posts To Create Content Marketing
Heidi Cohen shares blogging tips.

17 Ways To Repurpose Your Content Marketing Without Being Spammy
Smart tips for making your content work harder.

18 Content Marketing Options & How to Use Them  
Useful chart and content primer.  W

19 tools to improve your content marketing strategy
Must-read review of tools.

20-somethings switch between media 27 times an hour
Worth noting.

20 Ways to Get Your Content Marketing Discovered
Just the basics.

21 Ways to Dominate YouTube: The Ultimate Guide
Practical video tips for better traction.

21 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out
Good content marketing tips from Heidi Cohen.

25 Journalists in Content Marketing: Part 1
Interesting read; see Pts 2-5 in the series too.

25 Ways to Create Contagious Content
Helpful content marketing, PR 2.0 resource.

26 Actionable Content Marketing Options and Tips [Chart]
Heidi Cohen shares great tips.

26 Experts Share Content Marketing Tips
Useful primer to get you started in content marketing.

30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use
Great list of curation tools.  W  

30+ More Content Curation Tools
Great content  marketing resource and several new tools to check out.  W

37 [Mostly Free] Tools You Need In Your ContentMarketing Toolbox
Excellent resources from B2C. 

50 Most Creative Brand Pages On Google+ 
Lots of learning.  W

90% of Marketers Know Importance of Content; only 38% Have a Strategy
Get the scoop on content marketing.

100 Inspirational, Educational, and Just-Plain-Cool Content Marketing Examples 
Just an excellent resource from the Content Marketing Institute!  W

150+ Content Marketing & Social Media Predictions for 2012
A valuable resource and source for ideas and CM strategies.  W

2012 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends

This post offers an excellent overview of benchmarks and trends. Essential reading to help you make the case for content marketing ROI to management.  W W

A Brief History of Content Marketing
Good article traces the evolution of CM.

A Case for Content: A Real Partnership
Eloqua and JESS3 share their CM case study in an enjoyable presentation.

A Deep Dive Into Etsy’s Content Strategy
Etsy sold $45.8 million worth of doilies and mustache-shaped phone cases in August and CM was part of the reason.

A Food Pyramid for Content Marketing
Tracy Gold offers a content marketing pyramid at-a-glance that’s worth printing and putting up on your office wall.

A New Breed? 7 Roles of the Content Marketing ‘Engineer’
Thoughtful insight into content marketing trends.

A Ridiculously Simple Way to Get More Revenue and Build Your Audience
How to get an ROI on content.

A Social Publishing Model from Intel: “iQ”
Valuable content marketing case study from @bryanrhoads.

Amazon’s Content Marketing, Old Scientists and Native Advertising Fail
Lou Hoffman shares thoughts.

An example of Instagram and Pinterest awareness campaigns
Smart marketing case study.

Are Insights Cheap Commodities? [Media Spin]
This is exactly why curation is becoming such a valuable skill and service inside and outside organizations. As Clay Shirkey says “It’s Not Information Overload. It’s filter failure.”

B2B Content Marketing Trends
What content works best? Research report highlights 2012 top five trends in content marketing. W

Best Free Content Curation Tools 2012
These tools will get you content cooking.

Best practices for content curation
Good overview of best practices from DonnaPappacosta.

Brand Journalism — A New Buzzword
Something borrowed, not much new.

Brand Journalism Brings New Ethical Perils 
Caution when using brand journalism strategies.

Brand Laddering
Marketoonist @TomFishburne reminds us to beware of brand ego.

Brands: Stop Publishing Content on Facebook!
John Bell on the importance of integrated content marketing.

Build a Better Buyer Experience with Content
43.7% of buyers research purchases so content can enhance buying experiences and close the deal.

Building Thought Leadership in an Age of Curation 
Thoughtful presentation by Corinne Weisgerber.

CASE STUDY: Integrating video and a news release into a social media campaign
More on a Travel Alberta success story.

Checklist: 15 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Content Marketing Project
Great starting point for content marketing.

Chief Content Officer
This online magazine from the Content Marketing Institute is essential reading. The content is superb, the design and presentation are leading edge and the value is huge.  W W 

Cool tool: Frustrated citing sources, creating bibliographies? Citelighter automates it. Slick!

Classic Example of Growing a Company with Content Marketing
Good case study of! W

Community Managers Spend Most Time on Content Creation
Valuable PR 2.0 insight.

Consumers to brands: We are SO over you! 
Cut the marketing crap!

Content Audit: The Analysis of a Website
Useful how-to.

Content Curation Guide for SEO – What, How, Why 
Great intro to SEO for content.

Content Marketing 101 – Essential Questions & Answers
Lee Odden covers the basics.

Content Marketing 101: How to Build Your Business With Content
Useful five-point CM tutorial from Sonia Simone of Copyblogger.

Content Marketing: A process for evaluating content channels
Daniel Burstein shares a useful process for channel evaluation.

Content Marketing and Brand Journalism at Boeing
Good CM case study.

Content Marketing Basics for 2013 – Buyer Personas
How to use them.

Content Marketing Basics: The Best from CMI 2011
These eight indispensable articles are a great place to start for the basics of content marketing.

Content Marketing Dictionary: Definition of Content Curation, Content Aggregation and Content Creation
Looking at the differences and advantages of each.

Content Marketing Gives Customers a Reason to Believe: Harnessing the Power of Engagement
Content helps business engage better.

Content Marketing: How You Can Help Your Website
Useful tips and tactics.

Content Marketing Institute
Founded by Joe Pulizzi, CMI is the ultimate resource for content marketers. As you’d expect, it walks the talk and it’s content and resources are simply superb.  W W

Content Marketing Is Not As Simple As Writing A Ton of Blog Posts Every Day
Learn how content can sell.

Content Marketing Is Now Visual – Are You Ready?
Great Slideshare presentation and tips. W

Content Marketing: Is There a Difference Between B2B & B2C?
Heidi Cohen asks a good question.

Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions: 8 Posts You Should Have Read In 2011
Excellent foundation CM articles.

Content Marketing Overtakes SEO as Google’s Quest to Be “Human”

Useful insight for content marketers.

Content Marketing Rule of Thumb: 1500 Words a Day?!
Bar too high wonders @MikeSobol?

Content Marketing Storytelling: Secrets from the Big Screen
Robert Rose offers tips for better storytelling and an impressive video presentation.

Content Marketing Strategy: Balancing the Content Flow
How much content is enough?

Content Marketing Strategy: How to Engage Influencers in Your Industry
Super case study on how Content Marketing Institute built its success on content marketing and working with influencers. W

Content Marketing: The Heart of Online Success
Powerful POV and infographic.  W

Content Marketing Today
CM resource, newsletter and content marketing basics from Newt Barrett.  W

Content  Marketing Trends: 5 Awesome Examples from 2012
Heidi Cohen shares.

Content Marketing Versus PR: Who Wins?
Inside content marketing vs PR – who wins? chart worth viewing.

Content Marketing: What it is and Why it Works
Excellent resource, definition and infographic.

Content Must be Engaging, Compelling for Success, Say B2B Marketers
Storytelling potential in chart form.

Content Preferences Survey Report
What do business execs prefer? To help you set your content strategy, check out this valuable report from DemandGen. W W

Content Quality: A Practical Approach to Content Analysis
Good website tips.

Content Strategy 101
Here’s a 7-point plan for content strategy.

The intersection of journalism and brand journalism; an antidote to content farms. Service allows journalists to create a free portfolio and publishers to  build content strategies. And home to The Content Strategist blog.

Contently’s Code of Ethics for Journalism and Content Marketing
Useful reference.

Conversions and Content: What’s the Right Mix?
Three great reasons content counts.

Crafting the Perfect Content Curation Strategy
Three steps to effective content curation.

CRAP: Single biggest threat to content marketing
Must-read presentation on content marketing.  

Creating Content that Sells: A Guide to Content Marketing for Demand Generation
New to content marketing? Excellent best practices/strategy guide from Marketo. W

Curate the Cloud: Is Human Curation the Silver Lining in the Content Cloud?
If the volume of content isn’t going to diminish, human curation may be the silver lining in the content cloud.

Curating Company News: Time for Company Content Curation to Grow Up 
Moving from curation to results is happening.

Custom Content Council
CCC conducts exclusive research measuring the latest trends and best practices within the content marketing industry. Great sorce for research, data and trends.

Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings with 4 Content Freshness Tips
Essential PR 2.0 read for better SEO. W W

Digital Publishing: Roping at the Goat Rodeo 
Without strategy, your content marketing is as effective as “roping goats.”

Do Organizations Need a Chief Content Officer?
Convergence is driving the need for content marketing and brand journalism according to Forbes.

Do You Understand The Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Strategy?
Many use them interchangeably, when in fact they mean different things. Do you know the difference?

Do Your Efforts Measure Up to the Gold Standards of Content Marketing?
Excellent PR 2.0 primer.

Doing It Right & Doing It Wrong
Two content marketing case studies: Victorinox and K-Y.

Don’t Forget the Awesome: 5 Steps to Creating Brand Content
Helpful insight into content success.

Driving Brand Journalism Through Social Media (Pt 3)
Content marketing at work and several excellent examples to follow. Launches Browser Tool,Templates for Quick, Easy Infographics
New free tool works well. W

In the world of digital publishing and content marketing EContent is a must-read.  W  

Ensure Users Remember You, Tell a Story 
Superb, must-read advice for websites, blogging and all writers. W

Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach
Great strategy for search results.

Experts Share Their Keys to Content Marketing Success
A collection of views from the Content Marketing Retreat.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell
Valuable business storytelling tips from the Henderson Group.

Five big B2B content marketing mistakes
Good social marketing advice.

Five curation tools all journalists should know about
Good look at five curation tools.

Five Experimental Content Marketing Platforms You Need To Be Using
Five platforms offer great ways uniquely interact and share content – but they all work a little differently.

Five Great Spotify Campaigns 
Great cases, marketing lessons.

Five Key Tactics for Getting Serious About Content Marketing
Joe Pulizzi offers a useful POV and tips.

Five Landing Page Metrics You Need to Know
Excellent content marketing tips. W

Ford Create Brilliant Instagram Campaign – ‘The Fiestagram’ 
Interesting #content marketing strategy using Instagram.

Four Ways Brands Can Build Better Relationships
Excellent marketing insight into interactional vs old transactional excellence. W

From Content to Newsroom Curation: Jenny Rooney, CMO Network, Forbes
Curious about news curation?

Get Them Salivating! Inside the Mind Episode 2: Content Development
Four types of content to help you deliver great results.

Give Your Content Social Substance: Make it Talkable & Shareable
Shareability wins.

Good Content vs. Bad Content
Thoughtful reflection on content marketing.

Growth of social TV presents marketers with limitless opportunity
Looking at the shift of consumers using social TV.

‘Heavy-Handed Sales Messaging Just Doesn’t Work Any More’ [Inc]
Be natural. W

History of Content Marketing [Infographic] – Corporate #Storytelling is Not New
From John Deere to Coca-Cola, the power of story has never been stronger. 

How adults are using mobile phones 
More mobile marketing data to note and tips.

How Big Should Your Blog Be? An Informal Formula
Guidelines, a little math and a little strategy,  that can help you judge what’s working and what’s not.

How Content Marketing Demonstrates Thought Leadership & Boosts SEO
Here’s a good look at the practical outcomes of content marketing, especially on SEO.

How Futurity Turns University Discoveries into Shareable Content
Research is much more than a reference point — it is content worth sharing and exploring at Futurity, a website that reveals the latest discoveries coming out of university research departments.

How Google Author Rank could change content marketing… and journalism
Important SEO trend.

How Google’s ‘Penguin’ Update Will Change Publishing, for the Better
Content will rule in future.

How ‘Grammar Girl’ turned a single hobby podcast into a growing media network
Great storytelling and great grammar from Nieman Journalism Lab.

How I got that story
A good read for storytelling pros from CJR.

How Influencers Have Ignited IBM’s Content Marketing
Strategic insight worth knowing.

How mobile will change 2013
Useful content marketing perspective.

How Much Does Real Content Marketing Cost?
Vertical Measures shares their guide developing content marketing campaigns.

How the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies Are Using Content Marketing
Valuable look at the role of content marketing in growth companies.

How-to: 5 tactics to improve results, pick topics, set goals
Excellent tips for stronger content marketing ROI.

How to be a formidable content curator: a 17-step guide
Terrific how-to curation guide from Econsultancy. WW

How to Become a Pinterest Superstar
Useful tips & tricks for curation using Pinterest.

How to Choose Technology that Drives Better Content Marketing Results
Useful free CMI guide.

How to Create Useful Core Content That Your Customers Will Love
Tips on creating core content.

How to Create Video Content that Actually Works
Excellent blueprint for integrating video into your content marketing.

How To Effectively Manage the Content Marketing Process 
Six useful keys to managing the CM process.

How to Embed Outreach into Every Step of Your Content Plan 
Five phases to build into your CM campaign. Must-read for comtent marketing pros. W

How to Explain Content Marketing to the C-Suite 
Great strategic marketing ammunition.

How to Help Your Customers Help You by Sharing Their Stories
Smart content marketing and storytelling.

How to increase interactions with content
Seven smart content marketing tactics to grow reader response.  W

How to Jack The News For Marketing Buzz
Use breaking news for content in a blog post, tweet, or media alerts that features keywords for potential buzz.

How to Make Branded Content More Credible [Research]
Research points to content marketing opportunities.

How To Measure ROI on Your Content Strategy
Content works. Here are four steps to measuring your content ROI.

How to plan and create great content for your brand
Four helpful content marketing tips.

How To Promote and Leverage Your Content Marketing
@Steveology serves up a great interview with content marketing guru @JoeChernov

How to Put Together an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing
Here is a set of useful tips to help you organize your content editorial.

How to Transform Your Social-Savvy Employees into Content Champions
Content building with social-savvy employees.

How to Use Buzz Marketing to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing
Got buzz? Here’s how to get it.

How to Use Content Marketing to Get Leads That are Ready to Buy
Basic tips.

How to Use Visuals Like Journalists and Activists for More Impact
Make it visual and make it count In your blogging and content marketing.

How to Write
The art of writing and 11 useful tips.

How to Write B2B Blogs: Your Story is Your Service
Making your story your service isn’t simple, though but there are several essential steps writes Andrew Moravick.

How Vodka Brands Use Content to Keep the Party Going
How Absolut, Kanon and Smirnoff keep the content flowing for marketing success.

Huffington Post to Manage Content Sites for Brands
The new face of brand jourmalism?

If Content Is King, Multiscreen Is The Queen, Says New Google Study
Must-read Google research and implications for marketers. W

If Your Content Has Fleeting Value, It’s Your Own Fault
Adam Singer suggests ways to get your content working harder.

IKEA Introduce ‘How to Build’ Youtube Channel to Help Frustrated Customers 
Smart content marketing builds customer solutions.

Five big B2B content marketing mistakes
Good social marketing advice.

I Eat Oatmeal, But I’m Not Friends With It
Secret to content marketing success from Rod Holmes.

Infographic Marketing Tips: 11 Ways to Promote
Good content marketing advice fromLee Odden.

InSites: EContent Recommends Some Unique Web Sites
Six unique government websites are profiled.

InSites: The EContent Team Suggest Social Content Resources
Four tools worth a look.

Is ‘Content Marketing’ Broken?
This post asks good questions but the premise that content marketing is broken is wrong.

Is Content Marketing the Hot New Trend? – Infographic
Jeff Bullas shares a useful infographic.

Is Content Marketing Worth the Effort?
How small business can use content marketing as a way to attract people to their product or service.

Is It Marketing or Is It Journalism? The Case of Tumblr’s ‘Storyboard’
Great question and debate.

Is Social Media the New Word of Mouth?
Valuable content marketing insight from Buyersphere.

Journalistic skills are still marketable
Surging interest in “content marketing” among brands will open up important revenue opportunities for people trained as journalists, and reinforce the broad importance of storytelling, writing and multimedia production skills in today’s economy.

Kyle Monson on Why Empathy Matters in Content Marketing
Thoughtful interview and perspective from a content marketing leader. W

Lessons for Publishers from Facebook’s Most Shared Articles 
 What were the most popular shared articles on Facebook in 2011 and what can we learn?

Lethal Generosity: The Key To Your Online Content Strategy
Giving has a big payback.

LinkedIn Beats Twitter and Facebook In Lead Generation  
Don’t forget LinkedIn as a useful content marketing channel. A Case of Streamlining Stats
Case study: How Major League Baseball keeps track of content as well as automates and creates a simpler workflow.

Marketing Clutter
What a terrific reminder from Marketoonist Tom Fishburne.

Marketing is Dead
Get on the new news train from the Harvard Business Review..

Maximize The Content Marketing Impact of Your Newsletter
Eight ways to extend your print or enewsletter’s reach far beyond its core subscribers.

“Maximizing Content Marketing” 6-Step Plan
Agile engagement tips from this @PRNewswire white paper.

Mobile Friendly Website Design – Why Does Your Business Need One?
Practical POV: get moving; make your site is mobile-friendly.

Mobile Is Driving Growth in Social Media Consumption
40% of social media consumption is now from mobile. Content marketing pros need to adjust accordingly.

Mobile’s Advantage Over Online Marketing
Power of mobile, data to back it up.

Must-See Content Marketing Examples From 2011
20 bloggers share their favorite CM examples from 2011.

New LinkedIn Company Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide for Content Marketers
Practical tips to make your LinkedIn pages sing.

Nine Excellent (Yet Free) Online Word Cloud Generators
Need a word cloud? Go get one free. W

No-pout Routes: Ways to Do Content Strategy on a Budget
Smart content marketing tips from Brain Traffic.

Nutritious and Delicious: Eloqua’s Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing
An excellent guide and a superb playbook for B2B content marketing from three of the best – Joe Pulizzi, CC Chapman, and Ann Handley.  W W 

Online Display Ads: The Brand Awareness Black Hole
Power of branding through content marketing.

Operationalize Your Content Marketing Strategy
How to get your content working harder.

Outside Magazine Crowdsources Issue 
Readers help create content in an interesting project at Outside.

PR Storytelling: Why’s This So Good? 
All about inspiration, where to find it and three superb examples from Nieman Storyboard. 

Personalization is the next big thing in content marketing, says Hubspot CEO
Forget the hard sell and get customers coming to you.

Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network
Great basic tips for ceating content on Pinterest.

Prismatic wants to be the newspaper for a digital age
Content marketing tool to watch.

Radically redefining TV
Case study: TV as Transmedia.

Repeat After Me: Your Company Needs a Mantra
Smart marketing and PR thinking.

Role of Curation in the Attention Economy 
How attention is currency in social media and curation’s role in growing reputation. 

Sears Explains Its Success in Content Marketing
Got ROI?

Seven Principles of Content Marketing
Todd Defren shares useful guidelines.

Seven Ways to Make Your Writing Edgier
Basic tips to make your storytelling sizzle.

Shall we stop using the word ‘content’?
Food for thought: Does ‘content’ diminish the process?

Six ways to create great content in just 15 minutes a day
Excellent @MarkWSchaefer post.

Six ways visual content marketing can blow your mind
@MarkWSchaefer says visuals are vital.

Six Content Marketing Initiatives Separating the Good from the Great
Smart advice. 

Social by design: the brands that are getting it right 
3 good content marketing examples from Sports Illustrated, Burberry and IBM.

Social Media Marketing Gives Brands Measurable Long-Term Benefits 
Proof positive!

Social Media Playbook
Eloqua shares a useful resource – its 41-page basics guide to social media.

Starbucks Brews a Latte Love on Facebook
Good example of smart content marketing.

Storify: Every Picture (and Tweet, and Clip) Tells a Story
Adweek looks at popularity of Storify.

Storytelling from Southwest Airlines Brings Out Its Humanity 
LouHoffman shares a content marketing success story.

Storytelling in Business
How stories can work in business.

Surprise? Study reveals people don’t like social media marketing
Valuable insight. Must-read. W

Taco Bell Knows How to Use Social Media
Effective marketing or not?

Tapping Google Search for Discovery, Storytelling
Good tactics from Lou Hoffman.

The 5 Types of Content That Grab Attention
Trends, meteors, how-tos, how-to-work-with and case studies will rock your content marketing.

The 7 Slides You Need for an Epic Monthly Marketing Report
Excellent content marketing tips!  W

The 10-Minute Content Marketing Buyer Guide
Valuable tips and what to do from the get-go, to maximize your potential.

The 10-Step Content Marketing Checklist
Tips to help you get ‘er done.

The 11th Annual EContent 100: An Introduction to The Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry
Superb 2012 resource for content marketers and producers from EContent.  W  

The Anatomy of a Killer Content Marketing Strategy
Several great examples: Guess, Macy’s, Stoli’s.

The 6 Best Slideshare Decks on Content Marketing
Great PR 2.0 resource. W

The Best Content Creation Tools
Very helpful tools for content marketers. W

The Big Boom In Content Curation
An excellent overview and stats on the value of curation. W

The Confidence Gap In Content Marketing
Old-school worries about CM effectiveness and how to bridge the gap.

The Content Boss: Who Heads #ContentMarketing; What Falls Into Their Purview? 
No silos and can content lead?

The Content Grid
A terrific infographic from Joe Chernov which depicts content marketing channels.  W

The Content Grid V2
Updated infographic showing content marketing channels.  W

The Content Marketing Revolution
This is the valuable blog by content marketing guru (but don’t call him that, LOL) Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

The Content Marketing Checklist For B2B Marketers 
Useful tips.

The Content Marketing Strategy Checklist
Useful tool, reminder and tips.  W

The Content Strategist
Contently’s blog focuses on what else – content marketing and brand journalism.  W

The Content Marketing Strategy Checklist
Useful tool, reminder and tips. W

The Copyblogger Content Marketing Codex
Complete guide with 53 articles; excellent. W W

The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR and Real Content
Absolute public relations must-read. W W

The Difference Between Infographics and Visualization
Useful distinction.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Content for Luddites
Attracting a Luddite once can mean becoming his go-to source for information. Here’s how.

The Evolution of Digital PR Through Content Marketing – PRSA 2012
Are you embracing content marketing? Thoughtful view from Lee Odden. W

The Future of Content is Code
Interesting journalism trend that impacts PR.

The Hunger Games’ Social Media Campaign: A Case Study in Content Marketing
Movie blockbuster has impressive SM program.

The “Look at This” Approach to Content Marketing [PR Tini]
Heather Whalen suggests the “Holy Smokes” test.

The New SEO Rules in a Content Marketing World
Valuable POV on content marketing and SEO.

The Power of Story [Video 2:15]
Valuable reminder of video story success.

The Rise of the Chief Content Officer
What’s the new face of content marketing look like? Try Chief Content Officer.

The Science of Storytelling: 6 Ways to Write More Persuasive Stories
Great storytelling tips from Greg Ciotti.

The Simple Template for a Thorough Content Style Guide
Really useful content marketing resource.

The State of the Content Industry
Really good insight. W

The Thing thing and the People thing
Good read: Focus on the people. W

The Top Brands on Pinterest 
Quick look at how some brands are using Pinterest for social marketing.

The What, Why, How, Where and When of Content Marketing
Great primer on CM.

This Is How You Make Something Go Viral: An Impractical Guide 
PR 2.0 “content whore” strategies to note.

Three Keys to Successful YouTube Marketing
Smart PR 2.0 and content marketing tips.

Three more examples of video storytelling at its best
Inspiring collection from Adam Westbrook.  W

Tips for Effective Brand Journalism
Good storytelling makes better brand journalism.

Top 5 Most Shareable Content Types
Learn what audiences want in their content.  W

Top 10 Problems Marketers Face in Building a Content Operation 
Superb checklist, tips from Toby Murdock.

Traditional PR gives way to ‘brand journalism’
Interesting opinion on covering your clients like a reporter.

Two Epic Infographics on Social Media and Content Marketing
Two classic infographics you must see.

ultimate Ebook – 100 Content Marketing Examples
Awesome resource (free) from CMI. W W

Unleash the Power of Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps 
Keeping it simple and very effective. W

Use Pinterest To Keep Your Users Craving Visual Goodness
Learn more about using Pinterest for content strategies.

Promising new easy-to-use infographic creation tool for PR, blogging.

Video:  The next wave in content marketing
Useful examples of evolution of content marketing from infographics to video.

Vimeo Rising as Online Video Platform
Nice overview of a useful tool.

What are News Discovery Tools? Why Use Them?
A curation possibility worth trying.

What Is Most Effective Content for Brand Marketing?
Here’s a look at which content connects with consumers.

What Can Nonprofits Learn from Robin Good, Best Content Curator on Planet?
Learn all abount content curation fron an expert.

What Comes First, Content Creation or Curation?
Good PR 2.0 question, great answers.

What Exactly is Content Marketing and How Does It Benefit Your Business?
Quit interrupting and start connecting.

What is Content Curation?
Useful primer by Eileen Mullan.  W

What It Takes to Effectively Manage Content Marketing
This top 10 list with links is a must-read for new and experienced content marketers alike.  W W

What PR Pros Can Learn from The Huffington Post
As Joe Chernov writes “Today’s winners no longer try to make news, they instead try to be nearby when news is made.”

What’s the best day and time to publish content?
Great timely advice for the best content marketing ROI.  W  

What The New Yorker Magazine Can Teach You About Content Marketing
Excellent! What really works. W

When Content Meets Community: Brands on Tumblr
Good content marketing cases.

When Journalism and Marketing Converge
Brand journalism insight.

Where to Find Budget for Content Marketing
Heidi Cohen shows 15 ways to find the bucks.

Who Are You? The 5 Key Components of a Core Messaging Document

Why Being Transparent With Your Content Matters, Like, A Lot
To get real readership, you need to be exposed, making your content that much more unique, and relevant to your brand.

Why Big Content Is Worth the Risk
Excellent primer on the value of “Big Content”.  W

Why Branded Content is Beating Editorial
Compelling content works.

Why Brands Must Embrace Visual Social Media in 2013
Compelling argument for content marketing.

Why Content is the Foundation of your Social Media Marketing
How to move from “creative excellence” to “content excellence“.

Why Infographics Are Great for Marketing
Interesting data and infographic.

Why You Need a Content Marketing Mission Statement
Mission possible.

Why You Should Care About Brand Journalism 
Content marketing skills are in demand.

Why’s this so good? No. 29: Andrea Curtis and the rhythm of mercy
Wonderful, powerful storytelling from Nieman Storyboard.

“Why’s this so good?” No. 31: Susan Orlean maps obsession
Such amazing writing and storytelling in the story of Orchid FeverW

 “Why’s this so good?” No. 35: Malcolm Gladwell on ketchup
Find out how good storytelling can be. Was it Heinz? W

Why We Need “Curators”
Great debate between Maria Bustillos and Maria Popova.

Writing SEO-Minded Content with Staying Power 
Practical PR 2.0 tips for content marketers.

You Need Better Content, Not More
In a world drowning in content, the secret to success is not more content marketing – it’s better content marketing.

YouTube’s Top 1,000 Channels Reveal an Industry Taking Shape 
PR 2.0 trend to watch.

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