Friday PR Picks: BP Struggles to Stay Ahead

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Friday PR Picks: BP Struggles to Stay Ahead of PR Tsunami

The news channels remain fixed on the US Gulf oil spill, BP’s efforts to cap the leak and the dramatic impact on lives and the environment. Front and center have been President Obama talking tough and BP CEO Tony Hayward trying to respond effectively.

It has been a monumental technology and engineering challenge not to mention a PR nightmare for BP.

Any of us who have managed a crisis can sympathize with the scale of this PR crisis.

There have been some interesting PR twists and turns. A phony BP Twitter site sprang to life and BP wisely chose not to try to shut it down. Ironically, Amy Howell reports the phony BP Twitter site has more than 120,000 followers vs only 8,000 for BP’s own legitimate Twitter site.

BP is carrying out a massive social media campaign. (BP’s Latest PR Tactic: Buying Gulf Oil Disaster-Related Links on Google) estimates spending on Google AdWords and YouTube ads alone at $995,000 in addition to another $50 million expected to be spent on TV spots.

Critics are saying this money would be better spent on clean up and those directly impacted by the oil spill though the company is spending millions daily in its clean up efforts.

At the end of the day, the best social media, PR and crisis management strategies in the world can’t work until the leaking oil is cut off. Then the real public relations and community relations work start in earnest.

Time and investigation will tell whether BP and its operators and contractors could have prevented the tragedy. The impact on the company, its reputation and its brand will be measured more by its response once the well is capped.

It will not be a short-term solution and the lessons will remain for decades.

This week’s Friday PR Picks includes a lengthy list of thoughtful articles and posts of interest to PR people watching the BP story. Lots of second-guessing and 2020 hindsight but most of all, some very important lessons for PR professionals.

More crisis communications resources at ThePRCoach which has more than 6,000 free public relations tips, tools and PR resources on every topic. And, we’re always keen to hear your PR insights or favorite PR websites you’d like to share.

Friday PR Picks

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Public Relations

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Social Media & PR

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The PR Library has lots more Crisis Management, Media Training and Social Media resources available.

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